One man’s gold is a another man’s garbage and either way you cut it, Seateroo plans to take a cut. Trading seats, even for a reasonable request, is never easy. I once had a business class seat, but needed to give it up to sit with my wife in economy. Unbeknownst to the person I was requesting to switch with, who denied, he actually could’ve gotten a huge upgrade. Next time, rather than haggle, there’s an app for that…

rows of seats in an airplane

Seateroo will be the black, or perhaps blue market of airline seats. It won’t work through an airline, it will simply be an exchange between two passengers after boarding. Up to five days before your flight, assuming you’d like a window seat, a seat closer to the front of the cabin, one near your friends or even potentially a first class upgrade, you’ll see a seat map with all the current “blue market” offerings. Seat swaps will cost a minimum of $5, with most of the cash going directly into Seateroo’s pocket. As far as I understand it, you can set your price, include a swap option to vet any potentially enticing swaps and then make your comfy switch once on board. 

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Even though I think Seateroo has very little interest in your comfort, and very high interest in comissioning a few bucks off of every single transaction, I am thrilled that an app outside of the airlines general purview exists to better the passenger experience. On a ten hour flight you very well could find someone who hates their aisle seat and craves a window, and on the other end, someone with a small bladder who is desperate for an aisle seat nearest the lavatory. You never know…

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