Airlines are famously unhelpful when it comes to IT. They don’t make it all that easy to search for award seats which allow you to cash in your points, and sometimes it feels as if that’s borderline intentional. Fortunately, a few entrepreneurs have taken it upon themselves to create their own solutions. Enter: SeatSpy, the latest website which brings a year of availability within one click.

British Airways and Virgin Atlantic

We’re big fans of Reward Flight Finder, but unfortunately the site no longer displays Virgin Atlantic reward availability. SeatSpy, the newest entry into the market has rectified that, showing an entire calendar year of both British Airways and Virgin Atlantic availability in one click.

When you arrive on the page, you have the option of looking for BA or Virgin flights, and after inputting the details of your query, an entire calendar year of dates will pop up, colour coded for each cabin. You can search by route, number of seats and so forth.

You won’t be given any information as to which flight each day is available, but you can of course take the date information, and then plug it into British Airways or Virgin Atlantic’s website, knowing that the first date you search will return positive availability. It saves the wild goose chase.

Alerts And More As Well

Like Reward Flight Finder, this is a big breakthrough in sorting through dates where travel is possible. Unfortunately, only mainline Virgin and BA routes are displayed, and availability for flights on airline partners like ANA, Cathay Pacific, Qatar and so forth won’t pop up.

Basically, the tool is nearly perfect if you want to fly on a British Airways or Virgin Atlantic aircraft, but it won’t get you very far if you’re hoping to cash in on another airline, between airports that Virgin and BA planes don’t fly.

One great move from SeatSpy, since it’s in beta, is that everything is currently free. If you register, you can get availability alerts sent directly to your inbox, or even by text message. At some point, we’d expect that to change, but if you get in while it’s free – there’s pretty much nothing to lose, and lots of luxury travel, or just travel in general to gain.

HT: Inside Flyer UK

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