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Direct flights, no tricks!

A lot goes into beating jet lag, but one ridiculously unfair advantage is flying business class. There’s just nothing like flying flat across the Atlantic Ocean, with comfy bedding, pillows, eye mask, and perhaps a glass of champagne in hand. Naturally, every wants in, but most of the time, tickets fetch north of £3,000 and up. Virgin Atlantic and British Airways are battling it out for your 2019 business, and to win you over, they’re playing a game of “how low can you go”, and right now – that number is £1250 round trip and up, for direct flights to New York and more…

inside a plane with rows of seatsThe Deals

Virgin Atlantic or British Airways? The choice is yours. Both airlines have launched some of the lowest prices of the year, for direct London flights from Heathrow to New York City. Whichever airline you go with, you’ll score flat beds, multi course dining, lounges, and even a nice place to shower when you land back at Heathrow after the big trip. If you’re into First Class, the British Airways deals can be upgraded using roughly 25,000 points per person each way, to First, using these tips.

a bed with pillows and a purse on itThe Dates

These deals are available from February thru June of 2019, with the very lowest prices found in February and March. You’ll need to jet set on a Tuesday or Wednesday to lock in these prices. Every other day you search will be 2x or 3x more expensive, which kinda invalidates the whole “deal” thing. You’ll also need to stay a full week, so Tuesday or Wednesday, to Tuesday or Wednesday. If you can do that – you’ve got a deal, well with them – not us.

a large building with many peopleHow To Book

These deals can be booked directly with Virgin Atlantic or British Airways. The choice is yours. Simply search for flights departing on Tuesday or Wednesday from London to New York City in the date ranges mentioned above. If you’re hoping for elsewhere, Miami and Boston are available for similar prices. Enjoy the flights, the cities aren’t half bad when you get there either!

Are you jetting off in business class?

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