My greatest travel aspiration is to have my name written on the side of a plane. It’s an honor reserved for the longest most valuable fliers of the world’s best airlines and hell…it’s cool. Ryanair might just be able to make my dream come true without the 7,000,000 or so miles I’d need to fly with one airline. In fact, dream or not you could potentially have yours as well just by wasting about 60 seconds. Ryanair is going to paint the names and faces of 30 people who enter their mindless facebook contest onto real life airplanes. This is the best news ever.

a close up of a plane

Correct. You visit Ryanair’s new facebook page, click the #30names30faces tab, enter your first, last and email, upload a picture and voila… your face could be proudly displayed on a Boeing 737 greeting European budget travelers. You know those movie trailers when they say “from the guys who brought you…”? This promotion is along those lines to me. From the airline that brought you “Rocketships in the Snow“, “$29 flights from the US to Europe and then backed Out” and the “Pilot who declared all passengers morons before taking a serlfie” comes thirty random peopled painted onto airplanes. 

a plane on the ground with a truck and people standing around

I have such a soft spot for Ryanair. Though I am slightly surprised that Prince William chose to fly with them recently, they’ve made sense for me quite a few times and all experiences have gotten the job done. You have to admire an airline, regardless of how sh*t it is for attempting to make travel more affordable for all. I don’t see too many others joining suit. If you happen to be one of the thirty people selected, please let me know, I’ll live vicariously through you.

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