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And it can go up to €8, too…

Goodbye grey area, au revoir free full sized carry on and adios to €6 per person, per flight, if you still want to bring one. Ryanair’s new carry on policy is now in effect. If you ask Ryanair, the new carry on baggage policy is about speed. If you ask Ryanair passengers, it’s simply a cheap cash grab. Despite owning one of the best on time performance records in Europe, the budget airline has dramatically changed it’s carry on policy, so here’s everything you need to know. It’s actually quite simple, even if you don’t like it…

Pay An Extra €6-€8 or Travel Light

Ryanair’s new baggage policy is far simpler than it sounds. If you want to bring a full sized carry on roller bag on board with you in the cabin, you’ll need to pay €6/£5 at booking or about €8/£7 during online check in. If you have a full sized carry on and don’t pay the €6, you’ll have to pay to check your bag into the hold at a cost of roughly €25 per one way journey. Ouch. If you travel with smaller items like a backpack or handbag, nothing changes for your journey at all. This new policy solely effects fill sized carry on bags.

How To Bring A Full Sized Carry On On Ryanair

The answer is simple: buy “priority” access at booking or online check in. Ryanair sells “priority” services for €6/£5 and if you pay the priority fee, your full sized carry on is safe to board. In fact, it’s guaranteed. If not, you’ll cough up a lot more. Again,If you are traveling with just a small personal item, nothing has changed and you can still sneak by with your low fare. If you want a full sized carry on, it’s €6 or bust. The €6 does of course entitle you to priority boarding too.

Oh, and here’s how to pack your carry on the proper way…

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