a couple of luggage bags

Dropping bank on a suitcase can feel like an indulgence, but suitcases are meant to last forever and travel makes you “richer” right? Well, Rimowa just made dropping bank frustratingly hard to resist, with perhaps the coolest looking luggage collab ever released, and a collection of limited edition stickers to match. It’s not outfits bringing the drip to travel, this luggage knocks.

Rimowa x Chaos Collaboration Luggage

Drip may be the term du jour for the fashion forward, but it’s aptly appropriate here. This collaboration between Rimowa and Chaos brings the abstract drip of graffiti paint to iconic luggage, in a clean white and saffron, and a heady green and black.

a couple of luggage bags

It’s not just luggage, either. Rimowa enthusiasts have long loved the pastime of adding stickers to make the venerable travel pieces more personalized, and Chaos has a line of stickers designed to give the luggage some extra pop, or lift.

There are many more. Rimowa has been one of the most aggressive luggage brands in curating limited edition collections with inspired artists and brands, including runs with Virgil Abloh’s ‘Off White’, and street style brand ‘Supreme’. Speaking on the new collab, Rimowa offered…

The glossy polycarbonate grooves of the RIMOWA Essential Cabin have been been splashed by Chaos’ individual style.

Featuring a bold graphic in the shape of paint dripping down the suitcase’s exterior, the inventive design is available in two complementary colour options: Saffron Yellow and White, which provides an uplifting pop of colour, and Cactus Green and Black, which offers a more discreet and urban-minded alternative.

Each suitcase comes with a co-branded leather luggage tag embossed with a globe that celebrates the collaboration, in addition to three complimentary stickers.Rimowa

How Much?

Yeah, that’s the question for most people. The new Rimowa x Chaos collaboration just went on sale, with a RRP of $970 in the USA, and €690 for Europe. It’s far from cheap, but buying a new cheaper case every year or two as wheels break and handles stop retracting can eventually add up. Plus, these look awesome.

If it’s for you, these go on sale June 3rd and aren’t likely to last long, so dive in and let the drip hit your next trip. At least you got the heads up, right?

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