a bedroom with a television and a pool

Airbnb is taking over and rightly so. All over the world, the innovative platform offers unique and affordable options, giving that local, homey feel. For those on the #travelgoals or #dreambig spectrum, Airbnb also offer some of the most unbelievable properties- quite literally fit for a King or Queen. These may seem way out of reach, but split between a group of friends or big family… they may still work out better than multiple hotel rooms! Ok, maybe not- but who doesn’t love a look at other people’s homes? 

Los Angeles, California

a pool table in a rooma bedroom with a television and a poola swimming pool with a white couch and chairs

What: Elvis Presley’s Beverly Hills Estate

Link: Elvis Airbnb

Live like a King- if only for a few days. No pun intended 🙂 This stunning Trousdale property is perched on a small, exclusive cliff in Beverly Hills, with breathtaking panoramic views. It’s easy to get “caught in a trap” of enjoyment, whilst taking in the huge outdoor lounging areas, custom pool or social spaces. Stay or not, any Elvis fans should check out the original gates from when he lived there in the 1960’s.

Price: From $2,950 per night

Sleeps: 8 people, no charge for extra guests.

Saint-Tropez, France

a pool with chairs and umbrellas on a patio a house with a deck and a patio a living room with a large window

What: Beautiful Saint Tropez Villa

Link: Saint Tropez Mansion

This sleek and luxurious villa is the envy of all the film festival glitterati. This over the top space features gorgeous sea and coastline views whilst maintaining complete privacy- hidden away in its lush green surroundings. It’s hard to imagine a more perfect place to come back to after cruising around St Tropez like a celeb…

Price: From $1,690 per night

Sleeps: 10 people, no charge for extra guests.

Cape Town, South Africa

a pool with a table and chairs in front of a mountain a living room with a fireplace and a large window a room with a jacuzzi and a view of the ocean

What: Camps Bay Panoramic Sea View Villa.

Link: Cape Town Villa

First of all, go to Cape Town! It’s amazing. Second, rob a bank and stay here. Third, forget part two. This property is in the perfect location with views from the 17 meter infinity pool extending out to Camps Bay and Lion’s Head. You’re close to the beach and lots of good restaurants, not that you ever need to leave.

Price: From $949 per night

Sleeps: 12 people, no charge for extra guests

Phuket, Thailand

a building with a pool and chairs a room with a bed and chairs and a table a pool with a view of the ocean and a beach

What: Luxury 6-Bedroom Private Villa

Link: Phuket Luxury Villa

Yep- it’s pricey, especially for Southeast Asia, but just look at the views. This insane property is one you may never want to leave, and if you plan properly, it may be hard to kick you out. The beautiful, modern villa perched on a cliff has its own gym, infinity pool, 2 fully equipped kitchens and plenty to do in the nearby area. Oh and for no extra cost (thankfully) it comes with a private car and driver to transport you around. 

Price: From $4,223 per night

Sleeps: 12 people, no charge for extra guests. 


a deck with a table and chairs and a pool a dining room with a table and chairs a living room with a fireplace and couches

What: Luxury Villa Near Reykjavik

Link: Beautiful Villa To View Northern Lights

Surrounded by beautiful Icelandic nature, this villa blends country comfort with obscene levels of luxury. Sit back and relax in the outdoor jacuzzi and sauna, catch the northern lights or enjoy the quiet atmosphere of the midsummer nights in one of the most naturally beautiful places on earth. You’ve never seen stars like this before, and we’re not just talking about the villa!

Price: From $669 per night

Sleeps: 10 people, extra guests $23 / night after 8 guests

New York

a living room with leather couches and a fireplace a swimming pool in a room a bedroom with a large window

What: West Village Townhouse With Pool

Link: New York Townhouse

Live like a local, or feel like your in the ever popular sitcom “Friends”. This well located New York townhouse will fully ensure that you know you’re living the high life. It’s got its own indoor pool. In New York city. Yeah. Aside from that ridiculous fact- it features wonderfully unique architecture. In short: it’s a great place to call home after pounding the city streets all day.

Price: From $2,000 per night

Sleeps: 10 people, extra guests $150 / night after 8 guests

What’s your favorite?

All images courtesy of Airbnb.

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  1. These are not expensive. I had to get a house on south beach for my buddies and I and the options were $3000-5000 for a mansion.

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