a room with a large window and a large sofa
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When I think Langham I think London. I also think fancy. The hotel group founded in 1865 has expanded its brand around the world, opening and renovating incredible spaces across the US, with more on the way. To get a feel for their North American offerings we headed to Chicago to check out the city’s newest five star hotel. It was pretty spectacular…

The Property + Lobby….

a room with a large window and a large sofa

After arriving through a well appointed ground floor “soft” lobby, guests are directed to the second floor for check in. The space is instantly stylish, with high vaulted ceilings and modern art galore.

Langham lobby 2 #theta360 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

After a brief check in experience we were directed to room 603, a suite! As British Airways Gold Executive Club members we received priority enrollment in Langham’s “1865” loyalty club at the Explorer “frequent guest” level, which includes a room upgrade on all stays!

a room with a fireplace and couches

Directly adjacent to the marble lobby is a much softer space for guests to tuck in and retreat. This proper “hotel lobby” is away from the hustle of the check in desk, but close enough for easy access and seems like a perfect place to spend time before a departure.

The Suite…

a pair of lamps on a wooden wall

Without a hint of design school or interior credentials I was very impressed with the clean and beautiful wood accents to compliment the marble floors and clever fixtures.

Langham Elevators #theta360 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

Even the elevator areas felt refined! Hotels can often feel very stale, so having little touches like plants and varying artwork on each floor can really make things feel a bit more personal.

a living room with a television and a couch

And then we entered the suite…. wow. Views over the river crossings, beautiful sunrise, space for a family, plush, soft clean tones, massive tv’s and the conveniences of a modern James Bond pad.

a table with a lamp on it

Unlike some suites, which seem more for “show” than functional space, this one was completely inviting and the perfect place to entertain friends, conduct a meeting or any of the million things people on the go may need.

Langham suite #theta360 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

Huge TV’s, plural! As a gigantic tennis fan the timing for this particular stay couldn’t have been better. The Langham Chicago had access to the Tennis Channel, replaying all the matches we’d missed in the middle of the night, which entertained us thoroughly while under the weather!

a room with a table and chairs and a window

The dining table overlooking the water is an incredible touch. We ordered food from Travelle while under the weather and it’s hard to adequately describe the amusement of sitting in a large suite, at a private table with views that rival many of the finest Michelin restaurants.

a bedroom with a large bed and a desk

a wall with black switches

With river and city views in the living room you may have expected equally wonderful views directly from the bedroom, and you’d be right. To top it all off there are also push button electronic blinds and curtains to ensure perfect lighting whatever the mood. One touch and done!

Langham bedroom #theta360 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

A fantastic feature of this particular suite setup is the “loft” style flow from bedroom to closet to bathroom. There’s a distinctive order to things and no doors to bang into in the night.

a bed with pillows and a lamp on the side of it

Note the custom Chicago skyline artwork on the blanket? Aside from a nice homey touch, the bedroom is conducive to the modern traveler with power ports on both sides, wireless phone and Bose sound dock, complete with pairing instructions, because let’s be real, they never pair properly…


a bathroom with a marble tub and a mirror

There are nice bathrooms, there are really nice bathrooms and then there are royalty level incredible bathrooms. Note the full bathing tub to the left, dual mirrors, sinks and one feature that’s hard to believe… a television in the mirror! The restroom and shower? Those are behind smoked glass doors to the right…

a group of toiletries on a marble counter top

All Langham’s feature luxurious Chuan bath and grooming products. After a bit of homework the hotel may have figured out that I am a journalist, because after an overnight refresh of the room the toiletries were put on swanky display, just asking for a photo…

Langham Bathroom #theta360 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

a bathroom with a glass shower door and a bathrobe

If only you could steal robes without them noticing…

Final Thoughts + If We Had To Be Picky…

a woman in a white robe standing in front of a table with food

It’s honestly hard to imagine a better hotel in Chicago. It wasn’t coordinated, planned or welcome, but being under the weather provided extra opportunity to put the suite, the hotel facilities and spaces to use, leaving us with real impressions and memories of the hotel.

With rates starting around $395 it’s on the higher end of Chicago prices, but well worth it for the location, service and modern amenities. If we had to be picky… all suites would offer club lounge access, but since it was a complimentary upgrade I really can’t argue…

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