a room with a large window and chairs
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Before or after any flight, this is tranquility at its best…

Ask just about anyone for a word to describe the airport and you’ll get: chaotic, cramped, airless, stressful or awful. It’s safe to say that no one sitting in the Malaysia Airlines First Class Satellite Lounge at Kuala Lumpur International is feeling that way, and if they are, it’s not on account of the space. As far as airport waiting rooms go, this one is pretty beautiful… a black and yellow signa desk with a white flower and a candle on itGetting There: Follow signs for “C” gates or “Satellite A”. After arriving on the tram, you’ll find the lounge upstairs about 300 feet from the tram exit. It’s a beautiful black and gold entrance.

Getting In: Entry is reserved for travelers with OneWorld Emerald status flying on a OneWorld airline, or First Class ticket holders flying First Class on a OneWorld airline.

The first feature of note is that it’s quiet. The second, is that the wifi is almost always wicked fast, which is handy for downloading some shows or catching up with loved ones. As you enter, the lounge splits left to the business class area and right to the more secluded first class section. As you turn right, noise disappears and beautiful tranquility takes over. There are water features, there’s fresh art and even some well maintained plants. a room with chairs and tables

a group of flowers in vasesa room with couches and chairsWhen making your way through the grand foyer of sorts, you’ll find the complimentary first class dining room immediately on your right, showers on your left and if you keep walking forward you’ll hit the main lounge seating area. You’ll also likely find one of the best parts of the lounge: friendly and attentive service at every turn. a red chair with a pillow and a table in a room with a glass countera room with a table and chairs and a screen with an airplane in the background

There’s light bites, refreshments, tea and just about everything else a la carte available and just about anything you desire can be brought to you. Like most travelers, I opted for lovely, chilled champagne. Though many wannabe oenophiles turn their nose up at it in reviews, the De Venoge Cordon Bleu is perfectly refreshing after a day on the plane, or one about to involve one.

a group of chairs in a rooma table with newspapers on itThere’s a variety of seating arrangements through the long corridor and thankfully, it’s hardly ever crowded. For any #avgeeks, the window seats are absolutely amongst the most sought after and quite often have an impressive wide body jet parked outside. Not to beat a dead horse, but you will find yourself thinking “wow, it’s quiet in here”. If relaxation is your pass time you’ll find it. But if playing cards in a loud group is your thing, it might feel a bit imposing.a long hallway with a row of chairs and tables

This Malaysia First Class Lounge at Kuala Lumpur shines with easy access shower facilities. An attendant is on hand to point you in the direction of an open bathroom/shower suite and there’s hardly ever a wait. Having both facilities in one is a welcomed convenience. Shower suites are stocked with towels and toiletries and the water pressure ain’t a bit bad! In this travelers opinion, there’s nothing better than a shower at the airport, especially in between long haul flights.

a table set for a dinner partyWhen it’s nourishment time you’ve got choices. Aside from the soups and sandwiches found in the main First Class lounge area, there are two excellent further options: the first class dining room, or the business class buffet. If you ask the regulars, they’ll tell you the business class buffet is worth the quick cut through. The first class dining room is an attractive space to dine, with views overlooking the tarmac and the waiter service is extremely friendly. With that said, the food is airport food. The sea bass in curry is a solid choice. If you want something less polished, but perhaps with a bit more kick the business class buffet is excellent. If you want relaxation, dishes brought to you and a table just like at a restaurant, go with the first class dining room.

If you like peace & quiet, it’s a great spot. You’d be excused for forgetting you’re at an airport.

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  1. Yes, its so peaceful, even beats the Pier and Wing for quiet. Looking forward to a visit in Feb on our return from Asia. Used a BA 241 in F. Out to HKG end of Jan. Cant wait.

  2. Peaceful yes , but I really dislike the food. Nothing is ever fresh and I was not so impressed with this he a la cartel options. KUL in general is not the greatest airport.

  3. Is it quiet because not many flyers trust MAS?Personally, service isn’t what it used to be pre MH370 (RIP). I wish she regains the respect it once had.

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