a stadium with a large roof
Copyright: Qatar Supreme Committee for FIFA 2022

Nothing says football quite like Doha, does it? Ok, scratch that, let’s try again.

The 2022 World Cup will take place in Doha, Qatar, marking a new destination for the iconic tournament. It could be quite exciting. There’s even air conditioning under the seats.

If you live for the atmosphere of the World Cup and love to travel, there’s now an easy way to get yourself to Doha and into the big matches, with travel packages from Qatar Airways.

The newly launched packages offer an “all in one” solution to trips, with flights, hotels and a set number of match tickets all sorted with clear and easy pricing. Here’s what to look for, if you can’t miss your team’s chance to take home the title.

a stadium with a large roof
Copyright: Qatar Supreme Committee for FIFA 2022

Qatar Airways Launches FIFA World Cup Packages

It may be new territory, but the World Cup is the World Cup. Plus, Doha has an enumerable amount of super luxury hotels to choose from, with buffets that could put even the greatest connoisseurs to sleep.

And now, Qatar’s famed airline, Qatar Airways, is offering exclusive access to the World Cup of Football (soccer) from gateways all over the globe. Packages start around $3800 per person including flights, multiple nights of hotel and match tickets.

Somewhat cleverly, Qatar Airways makes you register for their new and improved Privilege Club loyalty program to be able to purchase the packages. Registration is free, and once logged in you can price out customized packages based on your team, level of luxury and seating for matches.

It’s actually a pretty cool website and incredibly easy. Amusingly, if your team fails to qualify as planned, that’s grounds for a full refund from Qatar. As an American living in the UK, this hits home.

You can check out all the Qatar Airways FIFA World Cup 2022 packages here. Of course, you could always try to use points to piece things together, and probably save a small fortune too.

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