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The benefits a high flying executive is after are almost sure to differ from those which would benefit a young student trying to find the best deal. Accordingly, in a world first, Qatar Airways is launching a loyalty program exclusively for students, with a range of unique benefits including special airfare discounts, increased flexibility, and to make millennials and Gen Z’s happy – complimentary access to ultra fast wifi.

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Student Club By Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways is launching the world’s first airline loyalty program for students, as part of a unique subset of ‘Privilege Club’ the official loyalty program of the airline. The new program aims to bring unique benefits to students aged 18-30, and includes a move up the Privilege Club elite status ranks upon graduation.

It beats a sweater from grandma, that’s for sure.

So why should students around the world care? Because benefits and perks are meant to appeal to students more directly than other programs, like extra bags allowed for free. Here’s Qatar Airways pitch on the new program…

Members of Student Club will enjoy great savings and bespoke benefits such as special fares on flights, extra baggage allowances, the flexibility to change the dates of their flight, complimentary Super Wi-Fi onboard, and more. They will also be automatically enrolled to Qatar Airways Privilege Club – unlocking even greater rewards – and will receive a tier upgrade as a graduation gift as well as the opportunity to earn 5,000 Qmiles if they refer a friend to Student Club. 

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The discounts are real, too. Enroll, and you receive 10% off a fare. Fly, and you receive a 15% off voucher code for your next flight. Fly again, and you receive a 20% off code. You even get a complimentary date change too, among other perks.

Of course, Qatar Airways hopes that once you enjoy these benefits, you’ll never look at another airline again. However self serving the program may be it its ultimate goals, it represents a bold new frontier for loyalty programs, as they recognize that your loyalty is not a one size fits all equation.

With changing exam schedules, boxes of Yeezy’s to pack and a need to stay connected at all – literally all – times, Qatar is tackling some of the most common frustrations any student returning home for the holidays, heading abroad for the semester or catching up with friends faces.

Throwing in 5,000 miles to get people interested in the points game never hurts either.

So how do you take part in Qatar Airways Student Club? It’s easy. You can enroll for free in the program right here, and enrolling automatically adds you to Privilege Club as well.

When you graduate, Qatar will move you up to the next Elite Status in Privilege Club, which will offer benefits you can continue to enjoy, even after your student days have passed. If you already reached the top of Privilege Club with Platinum status, Qatar will comp you an extra year.

Qatar Privilege Club allows you to earn miles when you fly on Qatar Airways, as well as a variety of Oneworld airlines including: British Airways, American Airlines, Qantas, JAL, Finnair, Cathay Pacific and more. If you fly enough, you earn points which can be used for upgrades, free flights, lounge access and a variety of other benefits.

The Qatar Airways Student Club is the gateway drug, and if you earn enough points, or get addicted to the flying rewards, you may find yourself fully addicted to life. Known side effects include more frequent travel, and selfies from bigger seats, which turn into beds. Stay safe out there.

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