There is no such thing as perfect taste, only personal taste. On our trip to South Africa we attempted to stay in a variety of places offering something for everyone. Well actually, they were just really nice places that we thought would suit us perfectly, all for different reasons. For our final night in Cape Town we decided to stay at Pod Boutique Hotel in Camps Bay based on TripAdvisor reviews, raving of service and a modern clean property with absolutely stunning views. It didn’t disappoint…

The Property

Nope, that’s not a public deck, no that’s below, this was our private deck terrace off of our room offering beautiful ocean and beach views. It was stunning.

And if you turn around you look at Cape Town’s famous Twelve Apostles. 

Ah yes, the main hotel deck complete with lap pool and a somewhat memorable view. 

Perhaps my favorite unique feature of this hotel is their use of indoor/outdoor space. As evidenced by this bar, it’s just a step from a cozy inside bar to ocean and mountain views at the far right end. Clever. 

Wood, suede, granite, chrome, clean looks. Beautiful social space and dining room. Good stuff. 

The Room

Rooms were very competitively priced and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to stay in the room which pictures like this sold me on. It was worth the few extra bucks…

And as you can see, it was rather large! 

The couch area was very well appointed with modern fixtures, sofa and with the curtains pulled back, a view. 

When it comes to beds, this type of style is my personal preference. Low, large and very comfortable. Laura is sharing her admiration to the world. 

Rainforest shower AND jacuzzi tub. The open, loft style layout of the bathroom was a real treat. If you look in the mirror (left) you can even see the rest of the room!

Food + Drink

The very friendly bar staff were happy to accommodate my request to turn a Caipirinha, one of my favorite drinks, into a fresh Strawberry Caipirinha, which in South African Rand was served at a welcome price compared to the US Dollar or British Pound! 

Complimentary breakfast for all guests featured a nice buffet and made to order eggs, which pictured above can also include smoked salmon and avocado. Perfect breakfast for me!

The Experience

We came home from dinner to a genuine surprise. Our bed had been made up with rose petals and there was a nicely chilled bottle of champagne waiting. Cheers!

Whether it’s a restaurant or hotel, I find that having a small, steady and full time staff really makes a difference. They are invested in the property and take responsibility for all failures and successes. The duo of Nick and Samantha at PODS made sure we had absolutely the best possible experience, even if for a night. 

If beaches, sunsets and a fresh modern hotel sound like your style, PODS is a sure thing. We had one of our most memorable trips trekking through Cape Town and this final night was just a wonderful way to finish. Five stars.

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