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Airline alliances are designed, in theory, to make travel better.

It’s about giving people opportunities to stay loyal to a group of airlines, rather than just one, so that perks and mileage earning can be enjoyed in more corners of the globe than any one airline flies, on all airlines — ideally without hassle.

The Oneworld airline alliance may “soon” add to that feeling yet again, after recently adding Alaska. A potential new airline partner has emerged in the Middle East, and it’s an airline with services to places well beyond.

Oman Air To Join Oneworld?

According to Reuters, Oman Air is looking to join the Oneworld Alliance, with Qatar Airways as the sponsor. These processes typically take more than a year, but Qatar carries tremendous clout within the global alliance presently.

The Oneworld airline alliance has pretty fantastic coverage of Asia Pacific, with Japan Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Malaysia Airlines and Qantas. The same could be said in North America and Europe, with American Airlines, British Airways, Iberia, Aer Lingus, S7 and more.

In the Middle East, Oneworld has Qatar Airways, which is recognized globally as one of the best airlines with the most routes. But not too far away, in neighboring Oman, yet another great airline exists, without a global alliance: Oman Air.

a white building with a dome and a tiled roof with Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque in the background
Image by Makalu from Pixabay

Oman Air hasn’t received the widespread airline recognition in the West of Qatar, but with regular flights to London, Paris, Bangkok and Singapore, all with fantastic seats, airport facilities and service, it’s become a popular option.

Muscat and surrounding areas have become increasing popular alternatives to nearby Dubai, with stunning viewpoints in the nearby mountains, beautiful beaches in Muscat and brilliant desert excursions.

Adding more direct connectivity between Oman and the world, as it continues to grow in tourism popularity and among businesses would make considerable sense for the strategic alliance. It won’t be overnight, but another Oneworld airline to earn miles and elite status should be on the way.

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  1. Aer Lingus is NOT a part of OneWorld. Maybe use Google next time you rehash someone else’s press release and “article”.

    1. Listen, Benjamin G Guttery, ya smart a$$.

      In referencing Aer Lingus, I say Oneworld has excellent coverage in these regions. I do not say they are a member of the Oneworld alliance. I say this – BECAUSE THEY ARE A MEMBER OF THE ONEWORLD TRANSATLANTIC JOINT VENTURE, which means that for the purpose of coverage in this area, they might as well be.

      If you want to be a prick, at least be good at it.

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