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If you have Starwood or Marriott points, you may be missing out on 50% of the fun. That’s right, you’ve probably forgotten that you can move points between the two programs instantly, opening up opportunities with more hotels and airlines than you could possibly count. Just to make sure you realize how awesome this is- we’ll hit you with a refresher course…

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You Can Use Your SPG Points At All Marriott Hotels, And Marriott Points At SPG Hotels, Because You Can Instantly Transfer One Type Of Point Into The Other…

That’s right. Don’t forget that you can instantly transfer your SPG points into Marriott Points and Marriott Points into SPG Points. The Ratio for points transfers is 1 SPG Point = 3 Marriott Points, and 1 Marriott Point = .333 SPG Points. Since Marriott’s most expensive properties only run 45,000 Marriott points per night, that means you can book them for a mere 15,000 SPG points. Transfer your points from Marriott to SPG, or SPG to Marriott.

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You Can Also Instantly Match Your SPG Elite Status To Marriott Elite Status, Meaning Perks At Double The Properties…

Elite status does matter, because elite status is free money. If you are used to perks like free breakfast, internet and late check out at one chain, you can instantly status match, retaining your Marriott or SPG status and picking up the other, for free. That means you’re super valuable and receive wonderful perks at the largest network of hotels in the world. The only question is: why wouldn’t you match? Match your status here.

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And That Means You Could Also Turn Marriott Points Into Airline Miles…

Being able to turn Marriott Points into SPG Points means that you could theoretically transfer your points at better rates to more airline programs than you previously could. It should be noted however, that it may not always represent the best deal, but could. 90,000 Marriott Points would convert to 30,000 SPG Points. If you transferred them to one airline you’d end up with 35,000 points, since you get a 5,000 bonus for all transfers over 20,000. 35,000 miles could be far more valuable than 90,000 Marriott points if used wisely, but it’s not always the case, so do the math first.

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  1. Hi Gilbert,

    First thing is : Wonderfull new site 😉
    Can you tel me, if i buy the maximum amount of starwood points, i have any good deal with them ( expecially for flying ) that i can do !?

  2. Thanks for the reminder! I just saved 180 Euros on hotel by transfering my SPG into Marriot and booking 3 nights in Berlin!

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