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Sometimes you’re just sitting there on your phone, hoping no one catches you and you find yourself saying “oh my god” out loud. Whoops. When there’s $207 round trip flights to Europe, and not just any city, but Barcelona – it’s fair enough. Here’s how to bag one of these extreme bargains, and see Spain for less than the cost of a fancy night out…

Girona, Spain.

Barcelona Flight Deals

Barcelona is amazing, but you could say that for all of Catalonia. The beach, the food, the museums and the buzzy culture just make for such excitement, no matter how short of a trip. Most people pay $500 or more for flights from the USA, but there are some bat$h!t crazy deals today which bring round trips from $205 all in.

Even better, most flights are with legacy airlines like Delta, American, Swiss and more…

The best deals are available from: Boston, New York, San Francisco, Chicago and more…

The only “catch” with these deals is that you’d need to pay more if you want to check a bag in. Do yourself a favour and learn how to maximize your “small personal item” and how to pack the full sized carry on you’re allowed too…

The Dates You Can Travel

You’ll find the very lowest prices in February, March, April and May, and then again in September, October, November and December. Peak summer isn’t really the best time to visit Barcelona between the heat and the crowds, so consider yourself lucky in this instance.

Incredibly, a stay of just two days is all that’s required, so it’s not impossible to do this in an epic weekend trip, though longer stays are totally fine too. It’s Spain, move around a bit and see it all…

sunrise Parc Guell designed by Antoni Gaudi located on Carmel Hill, bench covered with tile-shard mosaic, Barcelona, Spain.Book These Flight Steals

If you can afford it, how can you pass up on seeing Europe for $205 all in, on major airlines rather than sketchy budget operations? When you have direct flights, like most of these are, the flight is over before you know it, and you’ll be enjoying tapas and sitting somewhere with a glass of wine in no time. Plus, you can actually afford it thanks to the savings. Here’s example links from each city, like…

Here’s a guide to the best coffee shops in Barcelona to pick you back up, and a bit on the rivalry between Madrid and Barcelona, in case you’re deciding whether to do a side trip. Happy travels!

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