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Who doesn’t love a bargain? Europe is one of the best places to explore, thanks to highly competitive airlines offering exceptionally low prices. There’s hardly a place on earth thats easier to jump around at a moments notice. For years, EasyJet, Ryanair, Norwegian and other low cost carriers have dominated cheap European travel, but it appears a change in direct may be brewing for British Airways. The airline is out with one way flights starting at just £16!

a plane flying above the cloudsThe Deals

British Airways has traditionally only offered “good deals” if you’re purchasing a round trip ticket. One ways made the price double or triple, often costing more than booking a round trip! On the other hand, Norwegian, Ryanair and co have always allowed one way tickets at no penalty. It seems British Airways is experimenting with these sort of deals, offering one way flights starting at just £16 round trip, with many deals around £30 one way. Deals from other cities to London are generally cheaper than London to other cities. Business class is available for around £100!

The Dates

These deals are primarily available in April, May, June, October, November and December of 2018 and then also in January and February of 2019. Not every single date will be available, but the deals are easy to pull up using the British Airways website.

How To Book

These deals coincide with the British Airways luxury deals, offering business class deals all throughout Europe, Asia and the US starting at just £238 for Europe and £1288 for long haul business class. The very best deals are from Luxembourg, Nice, Dublin, Stockholm and Paris. Other cities are likely available as well. Simply search British Airways site for a one way flight during the dates mentioned above. You can also use Google Flights links, such as this one to find the lowest prices for each month and then book direct with British Airways. At these prices, you’re unquestionably getting a more reliable experience than low cost carriers.

Are you snagging one of these deals?

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  1. At last, fares that reflect the quality of BA’s offering. Well done Mr Cruz! At this price the usual gripes simply don’t apply because you are competing with the LCC’s whose products you emulate.

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