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If food is worth traveling for, why not art? The Michelin Guide claims that a three star Michelin rated meal is worth travelling to from anywhere in the globe, just to experience that extraordinary level of cooking. Whether it’s Andy Warhol’s most complete collection or a collection of the greatest MC’s, it only seems fair enough to advocate travel through exceptional art too. 

a man wearing a crownBattles will always rage as to the King, or Queen of hip hop, and whether it’s Biggie, Nas, Tupac or Jay, or even Kendrick, there’s something incredible about seeing the birth of this incredible art form through the decades. For this first time – arguably ever – a premier collection of iconic hip hop photos is on display in one place, and it only seems fitting that it’s New York City.

The International Center Of Photography on New York’s Essex Street now hosts just about every iconic photo you’ve ever seen of the greatest in hip hop. There’s Biggie in the photo booth with his crown, inimitable Tupac in large format and hundreds of candid, rarely seen images from behind the scenes of the best to ever hold the mic. 

a bridge with a street light and a mural on itThe feature, aptly titled “Contact High: A Visual History Through Hip Hop” is on display at ICP through May 18th, and it’s always tough to pass up a trip to New York in spring. You can’t beat Central Park during spring bloom, particularly if you then take the F train from Central Park down to the exhibit.

Fun fact, the name Jay Z is partly based on the JZ subway line, which was nearest Marcy Projects in Brooklyn. New York wouldn’t be New York without hip hip, and hip hop wouldn’t be hip hop without New York. Hip hop fans now have yet another reason to venture to the big city, and perhaps find their own contact high as they come face to face with iconic art.

And don’t forget, you can now visit the Wu Tang District in Staten Island too…

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