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If like Jiro Ono you spend your evenings dreaming of sushi, you’ll now have a preferred New York airport. Combining the delights of fresh fish, famous markets and the magic of 13 hour flights, Newark Liberty Airport is about to get the freshest sushi in the New York area- putting the new benchmark in “fresh from Japan”. It’s time to start heading to the airport early.

people in a fish marketTsukiji Fish Market is Tokyo’s iconic market for the world’s most famous sushi. It’s where the near priceless pieces of fish are bought and sold, and immediately sent first class to destinations around the world. The famed market is now landing at Newark Liberty International, with the opening of their Tsukiji Fish Market and Sushi restaurant. The restaurant will be run by acclaimed airport group OTG and operated in the airport’s Terminal C. With all the hype- the operation isn’t cutting any corners. They’re flying their fish in directly from Tsukiji in Japan. Since the fish never has to even leave the airport- it will quite literally be the freshest fish in New York. According to Eater, United and OTG…

“OTG’s buyers will hit the market before dawn to select the best fish at peak freshness.  It’ll fly out hours later on a nonstop Newark flight, where upon its arrival, OTG’s sushi chefs will prepare it for diners that same day. Once the restaurant opens, any sushi prepared in the terminal will also be made in the Tsukiji fish room.”

a plate of sushi with a piece of meat on itMaking the best sushi is a tedious process, but starting with the very best ingredients is a huge head start. Even the novelty of fish that just landed, arguably in more comfort than some United passengers is enough to get this restaurant off to a flying start. This author, for one, will just have to give it a try.

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  1. Since EWR – JFK is my home base, I am sure it will beat all the normal slop houses there with pre made sandwiches from two days ago, or sitting in one of the hundreds of new bars they plunked there by eliminating the moving sidewalks. Personally I am definitely going to try it.

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