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When people think about Europe, there’s still the perception that it’s too expensive. Without even a glance, US travellers opt for Florida, California, Vegas or one of the places they perceive to be more affordable – and while that’s already a mistake – Europe is about to become even cheaper still. Two boutique airlines have announced service between New York and Paris in the same day, and that’s going to drive the $295 round trip prices between the US and France even lower, if you can even believe that!

I write this, bearing in mind that I paid over $300 for a flight from New York to Washington DC just yesterday, which begs the obvious question – how and why are airlines creating these crazy low fares to long haul destinations, when it’s more expensive to skip over a US state! The short answer: low cost airlines extending the price slashing game to long haul flights too. And yes, the big timers have to match too…

a city with many buildingsThe world has long enjoyed Southwest, Ryanair and other great airlines which have made significant impacts on short haul flights, but Norwegian Airlines birthed an entire new generation of long haul, low cost which has now created FrenchBee, Corsair and more. When we think of Paris, we think of the likely candidates such as Air France, Delta, United and American, but there are already airlines which are overlooked, driving prices down like mad.

La Compagnie, for one, is a boutique all business class airline, where you can regularly nab $1200 round trip tickets, a mere fraction of what the others charge for similar experiences. Norwegian, for another, is the economy edition, bringing fares which have been as low as $99 one way, or under $250 round trip. Over the last two days, FrenchBee and Corsair have both announced entry into the US market, for flights starting June 10th, 2020 – just in time for peak summer travel.

a tower with trees in front of itWith the addition of these two nimble airlines, passengers can expect these sub $300 round trip flights to go even lower, even over peak summer when flights can spike at over $1000 per person. FrenchBee and Corsair will represent the 8th and 9th airlines operating direct between these two cities, which is exciting times for those hoping to score a great deal to one of the most captivating cities on the planet.

Expect these flights on sale within the next week, so if you haven’t already, get a Google Flights alert set – and get ready to watch the prices drop. While you’re at it, set a few shoulder season date alerts too, just to see how low they really go…

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