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Travel is all about destinations. But to ensure a raucously good time – comfort is essential. While hotels slashed away at everything from free internet to breakfast buffets, Airbnb came in offering a refreshing take on travel. A local take, per se.

Offering incredible places at $150 a night or less – the business has boomed. But what about those that love the comforts of an apartment, yet yearn for the sophistication and conveniences of a hotel? Enter: Oasis.

a living room with a chandelier and couchesOasis is the curated answer to Airbnb. With properties in London, Buenos Aires, Austin,  Los Angeles, Rio De Janeiro, Barcelona, Chicago, Milan,  San Francisco and beyond – the collection is constantly expanding, but not in the same way it’s direct competitor has chosen.

The program hand picks properties with exacting standards, therefore only a handful of options will be presented for each city. The idea? It’s easier to find the perfect place, and the collection is vouching for the property.

So what really makes it different? Guests can expect clean towels, toiletries, stocked kitchens (upon request) and other home away from home creature comforts. You’ll also find “sidekicks”, which are locals in place to help guide you to the best spots and activities and provide ask a local style hospitality.

Oasis has also created exclusive memberships and guest privileges at gyms and clubs around the world, only for guests. Think everything from Barry’s Bootcamp to private member tennis clubs.

chairs on a patio overlooking a body of waterUnlike Airbnb, the service maintains and handles the logistics for all properties personally. In theory, this attention to details ensures a continuity and level of sophistication at each and every offering.

Basically, there should never be buyers remorse, the neighborhood should never be less than described and the pictures should always match up.

We’re thrilled to see yet another innovative company in the travel market, bringing travelers more choice at every turn – and every doorstep. During Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the company offered $200 off any booking, so we’ll be sure to keep you updated if any extra incentives to give them a trial come about.

Are you going to test drive Oasis?

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  1. Sounds a lot like One Fine Stay, which has been going for awhile now – I used them in London in 2013. Very satisfied.

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