Relaxing in an infinity pool, taking in dramatic sunsets, as the hues of crystal blue water turn to rich purples, pinks and orange is hard work, but someone’s gotta do it, and that someone should be you. Conde Nast Traveler polled their readers, in search of perfect islands for romantic getaways, and the results are compelling. Even if you’re not in love, you’ll love visiting these absolutely gorgeous islands. Here are some of my favorites, with pictures of course…

Bora Bora

a group of huts on water


a white buildings with blue domes and a body of water with Santorini in the background


a green field with trees and a mountain in the background


a aerial view of a beach and mountains


a small island with houses and trees on it

St Lucia

a group of mountains in the water with Pitons in the background


a beach with palm trees and blue water with Bora Bora in the background

Phi Phi

a body of water with boats in it with Phi Phi Islands in the background


a blue ocean with a small island and boats


a beach with rocks and trees

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