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You’ll need a good paintbrush to do these spots any justice…

Life should be a wonderful adventure of exploration, culture and color. While much of the world is 50 shades of grey, certain cities and towns have gone above and beyond to embrace the beauty which the simpler things in life can bring. Long story short: if you’re next jaunt includes one of these magic cities or towns, you simply must stop by one of these picturesque locations. You, your camera and Instagram following will be very glad you did.

a colorful buildings with clothes outBurano, Italy

Set in the Venetian Lagoon, this Island is famous for its bold and brightly colored fishermen’s homes and cute little shops. So if you are in Venice, make sure you don’t forget to pay a visit to Burano. 

a bridge over a river with colorful buildingsKampung Pelangi, Indonesia

Home to at least 232 amazing, multi-colored houses known appropriately as “the Rainbow Village”, this town in Randusari has become a must visit in Indonesia. It’s visually stunning.

a colorful buildings on a cliff by the water with Cinque Terre in the backgroundManarola, Italy

One of the five towns that make up the fabled beauty of the Cinque Terre, this famous spot in Italy is one of the most photographed places in the world – and quite understandably! Just a short train ride from Pisa airport, too.

a colorful stairs with many tilesEscadaria Selarón, Rio de Janeiro

Decorated with thousands of hand painted, brightly colored tiles and mirrors, the 250 steps of the Escadaria Selarón are one of the cities most beautiful landmarks and popular attractions. If only Chilean-born artist Jorge Selarón lived long enough to see it through. It’s magic.

a row of colorful housesBywater Street, London

Owning one of the snap happy residences on this Chelsea street is a dream for most- but that’s why we have cameras. London is full of quaint and beautiful streets, so be sure to wander around Notting Hill – wandering down side streets and mews to find little gems.

a statue in front of colorful buildings

Old Market Square Poznań, Poland

The historic and beautiful Poznań Town Hall stands among the charm of the wonderfully decorated and colorful houses that give this market square so much character. Especially as autumn and winter set in, this is a special place to be. 

a colorful painted houses on a hillLas Palmitas, Mexico

14 months were spent turning this neighbourhood into what is now one of the most strikingly stunning hillsides in the world. It’s hard to think of anywhere like it on earth- and we’ve spent quite a lot of time thinking.

a multicolored building with blue skyHaji Lane, Singapore

This cool neighbourhood is full of great coffee shops and bars, but don’t forget to look up from your phone to take in the happy, eye catching colored walls surrounding you. While you’re in town, be sure to visit Little India, which is also full of gorgeous colorful buildings.

Jardin Majorelle, Marrakech

Not quite a small, quaint street, but a 2.5 acre botanical garden that’s bigger than many streets- this is a spectacular sight to see in Marrakech. We’re fully willing to bet you’ve never seen blue like this before, and the plant life and Moroccan tile make the perfect backdrop.

a canal with a boat and people walking on itColmar, France

This idyllic town lined with classic, cobblestone streets is located among vineyards, which is a great start. The area oozes charm from the traditional buildings, canals and lovely flowers in the summer- but Christmas markets in December are not to be missed.

a street with colorful graffiti on the wallsHosier Lane, Melbourne

Taking a walk down Hosier Lane is like venturing into a modern art museum, showcasing some of the best street art you’ll find anywhere. It’s like a party for your eyes- and we truly love it. Plus, if you’re a Hozier fan- they sound similar. 

a row of colorful buildings with plants and lightsØvre Holmegate, Norway

Talk about neighbors communicating! All the houses on this dreamy street are painted different colors, giving you that glowing, happy feeling when wandering amongst the cobblestones. Throw in the blooming flowers of summer and you may just want to make Holmegate your home.

a bridge over a river with buildings and mountains in the backgroundLavasa, India

Based on the Italian town of Portofino, this city near Pune stands out from the already bright crowd of Indian cities with its bright eye catching buildings, which use the natural rolling hills backdrop for extra contrast!

a escalator in a subwayStockholm Metro Stations, Sweden

Discover the beauty of underground art in Stockholm. More than 90 of the Scandinavian city’s Metro Stations have been painted and decorated by unique artists since the 1950’s and are game changers! Seeing one just makes you want to visit them all.

a row of colorful beach hutsSouthwold, England

The beach huts of Southwold sell the quintessential British dream without saying a single word. The pastel colours, set against the sand and sky make for the most perfect pictures. And at the end of the day, you’re never far from a pint, or another great village

a row of colorful beach hutsMelbourne, Australia

We couldn’t have one without the other, could we?  The Brighton Bathing Boxes on the shores of Melbourne are a draw within a draw, bringing Melbourne beachgoers some of the prettiest vistas as the sun sets over these colourful huts.

a colorful houses on a streetBo Kaap, Cape Town

Full of history- the vivid and bright houses of Bo Kaap help supply yet another reason you visit Cape Town. That is, assuming the first 1,000,500 great reasons weren’t quite working. It’s hard to compete with Camps Bay or Table Mountain- but these nifty streets are putting up a worthy fight.

a colorful building with graffiti on the sideKreutzigerstraße, Berlin

In the Friedrichshain neighbourhood, this is one of the coolest and most photographed streets in the country, let alone city. The brilliant apartment building is covered in celebrated street art – but the whole area has a funky, arty vibe worth exploring. 


Photo Cred: egal / 123RF Stock Photo

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