#AvGeek paradise? Oh yes.

Picture this: central London, sunny (we hope) weather, iconic landmarks all around. The day is just about perfect, and then out of nowhere, you hear the hum. 100’s of historical Royal Air Force planes taking to the sky, all in brilliant formation to celebrate 100 years of British flying legacy. It may be the best photo op of a generation, and is not to be missed. Even for a casual flying geek, if there is such thing!

a bridge over a river with a clock tower and a buildingThe Flyover

The Royal Air Force is celebrating 100 years of service with a flyover of epic proportion. More than 100 RAF aircraft will engage in a coordinated flyover of London, in a scene which can only bring back memories or images of the dogfights of wars past. Can you even image 100 gorgeous Spitfires, Lancaster bombers and other iconic aircraft flying over Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace, Kensington Park and the other quintessential London sights? There won’t be a bad view in the house – and by house we mean London.

The Details

You’re now saying tell me more, tell me more. The RAF100 flyover will take place on July 10th at 1PM sharp. Fans will be gathered in the historical Mall for optimal viewing, but just about anywhere in Central London should promise an unforgettable experience. Grab your finest GoPro, DSLR or phone camera and get ready to stare at the skies. If there’s ever been an #avgeek fest worth attending, it’s definitely this one. After all, you can attend from the pub, in true British fashion! And if you’ve got access to a rooftop, even better.

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