This is the first official post on this blog which is very exciting. I will follow that up with something not very exciting at all….paying bills.

The first paragraph anyone sees on this site explains exactly where I stand: I don’t get paid to travel and I don’t have endless money. I find that so many people lose touch with the idea that there are young people trying to make their way in the world. I am very happy with where I am in my life and I manage my finances well. Part of managing my finances well means saving. If I were taking advantage of every good bonus that came along for a card sign up I would have…none.

I think it is so important to come into miles and points with integrity in mind. I found an amount of spending that I was comfortable with to get a certain amount of reward (bonuses) and I stuck to it. The reward has been truly great as I have documented. Could I have more? Yes. Should I responsibly? No. Some card bonuses require hefty spending. Many bloggers will advocate sign ups (because they are compensated) no matter how large the spending requirement is. To lessen the burden they preach something called manufactured spending. This in simplest form is: turning credit into cash. People do this by buying gift cards with their credit cards, loading the gift cards into certain types of bank accounts and then using the cash to pay their bills. I find this extremely risky. Credit card companies actually strictly forbid this. Like many things just because you don’t get caught doesn’t make it right.

Manufactured spending exists to push consumers to get that extra card that they can’t afford. Don’t do that. I mention in “Earning Points & Miles” many fully valid ways to spend money you already have to spend to meet your bonuses. By money you “already have to spend” I mean foreseeable expenditures which you must pay. Fortunately in the world we exist in many of these expenditures take credit cards. Just by paying my auto insurance for the year I can nail a card bonus. Same for my monthly car lease payments. My car alone is a gem for this! Some landlords will let you charge rent. Utility companies definitely are a go. Bottom line you do not have to cheat to get ahead.

What cards are you interested in? How will you cover your spending without compromising your finances?

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