This is not for everyone. In fact, it’s not even for most people, but for some-this is like the Super Bowl of flying. Every year, travel enthusiasts have the opportunity to book a truly coveted seat aboard the Star Alliance “Mega Do”, a unique opportunity to jet set around Europe aboard privately charted Star Alliance planes, taking tours behind the scenes, partying with airline and hotel CEOs and scoring some sweet travel perks to take home. Unfortunately, it will sell out in minutes…

a plane on a runway

This really is the “Mega” event of flying. This year’s Mega Do is priced at $999 to start, and packs a major punch. Every ticket includes full day events with airline CEOs from Austrian and Brussels, private tours of airline HQ, behind the scenes in the hangars on the tarmac, even a special landing. You’ll take care of your own hotels, but they have special “flying nerd” rates at top properties in each city. The trip ventures from Vienna to Brussels before jetting off on the charter, yes, you have a charter plane, for two evenings in Mallorca. This is all completed with a Hyatt sponsored party, and naturally, complimentary Hyatt elite status for the year.

a pool with lights on the side of it

Mega Do is all about the content you can’t buy. The stuff that every flying geek dreams of doing. Maybe a mid flight cockpit tour? A tour of the hangars, maintenance facilities and airline operations? A one on one with a top CEO? If this is the sort of stuff that gets your inner flying nerd going, you’ll want to be first in line on May 11th, when the MegaDO sign up begins at 11AM PST. The trip takes place from September 19-22, and for a few of you, it’s not to be missed.

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