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Yeah, we said prizes…

Hotel brands are all about offering unique experiences. Not all guests are the same, and what travelers want out of hotels will inevitably vary. One hotel brand may be too clubby for some, while another may not quite be funky enough. Marriott has a new game designed to expand your mind *no drugs included*, highlighting the 29 unique brands which now make up the Marriott Rewards platform. You should care, because each and every day they’re giving away free points and hotel stays…

a view of a town and the ocean from a rooftopMarriott 29 Ways To Stay

Ok, we’ll be honest. The launch date was a bit unclear, and including today – you’re down to 28 days to win. The contest, called “29 Ways To Stay” offers a simple instant win game. You login to your Marriott Rewards account (make one if you don’t yet have one), and then flip hotel cards to get two of a kind. When you do, you answer a question. Each day people will earn Marriott points, free hotel stays and be entered to win a grand prize. Each day a new brand will be featured, and each day you get a chance to play. And hopefully, win big.

a bedroom with a bed and a deskThe Grand Prize

The grand prize has a 1 in 4,500,000 chance of winning, but nonetheless – it’s awesome. One winner will win 2 nights at each of the Marriott Rewards brands, including Ritz, St Regis, Edition, JW Marriott, Luxury Collection and more. That’s splendid. Other daily prizes include (4) nights at the brand of the day, which is also very exciting. Let’s just say we’ll be rooting against you on quite a few of the days!

a group of tables on a beachWhy Wouldn’t You?

The game takes less than 3 minutes to play from login to completion. With most people earning at least 50 points per day as a consolation prize, there’s really no reason not to. The chance to win four nights at an amazing hotel or top off your points balance is well worth two minutes a day, and you never know what you may win. Enjoy 29 Ways To Stay! It’s live right here.

Are you playing 29 ways to stay?

Featured image courtesy of the Andaman, Luxury Collection Langkawi.

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