After a long day of meetings, oh – such boring meetings, few things feel quite as nice as a cold glass of champagne on the top floor club lounge of a skyline hotel. That, and free breakfast is nice when you’re on vacation. Elite guest status has its perks, and if you are looking for a reasonable chance to grab some of your own, without the hassle of an entire year of road warrior life, the Marriott Platinum Challenge is an excellent way to get in. Here’s how to go from zero to Platinum in 16 nights…

Marriott Bonvoy Platinum Challenge

Marriott Bonvoy recently announced changes including new points rates, 5th night free tweaks and a flexible date finder – for hotel rooms, that is. It’s also dealing with insane levels of competition with fall promo offers like 2X points from Hilton, Accelerate from IHG and sharing economy options all over the world.

Marriott is winning over guests this fall with an extension of the Marriott Platinum Challenge, which allows anyone (including you) to earn Platinum guest status with 16 nights in three months. That’s just over 5 nights per month over 3 months for more than an entire year of fantastic benefits. Here’s the full scope of Marriott Bonvoy Platinum benefits. As of now, the challenge goes through all of 2020, but that’s always subject to change.

This Marriott Bonvoy Platinum Challenge is quite simple…

  • Register over the phone.
  • Stay 16 (paid) nights within 90 days
  • Enjoy Bonvoy Platinum status within 48 hours.

It doesn’t matter if you have elite status with another brand or not, nor do you need to have Marriott status. The only thing that would disqualify you is participation in a Marriott status challenge within the last three years. Other than that, you could sign up for a free Bonvoy account today, and be enrolled today.

How To Join The Marriott Bonvoy Platinum Challenge

Like we said, this is all pretty simple, minus getting through to the phone agents who can get you signed up. At times, Marriott agents have been known to lack pertinent details, so don’t be afraid to ask for a supervisors or second opinion with a polite ‘would you mind confirming that with someone’ if you hear otherwise.

To enrol in the Marriott Bonvoy Platinum Challenge simply call Marriott via the numbers found on this page and ask to join the fun. There’s no cost to join the challenge, other than the obvious stays you’ll need to complete. 16 nights is a really reasonable task, especially since hotel rates tend to drop in fall and winter. You won’t be given any interim status boost, but you will be promoted to Platinum once you successfully complete, and will retain the status through 2020.

Are you planning to use this Marriott fast track to gain Platinum status?

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