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Many of the best destinations aren’t associated with the best travel experiences to get there. Whether it’s an extra connection or some obscure transfers, being a bit harder to reach may actually do some good in keeping out true “mass tourism”.

But for people that want to go – that sentiment doesn’t do much good, does it?

Madeira is one of the most beautiful Atlantic destinations to be discovered, but for as long as time, it’s been a fidget to reach, particularly from the US. Generally, you’d need to fly to Europe and then backtrack, with travel times of at least 9 hours, plus transit.

As the trend of anywhere warm, sunny and beautiful continues to dominate global travel, Madeira is getting a direct flight from the USA, making this autonomous area of Portugal easier to reach than ever.

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More Direct Flights

Europe has seen a long and steady climb in direct flights to Funchal Airport in Madeira, and now the US is starting its own trend. Azores Airlines will begin direct flights from New York (JFK) to Funchal (FNC) Airport in Madeira starting November 29th.

Winter in Madeira isn’t exactly “tanning” weather, but it’s much warmer than most of Europe, thanks to its relatively southerly position along the Atlantic. It’s just a mere 300 miles from Morocco.

Points earning options remain limited with Azores Airlines, but the carrier does offer codeshare flight agreements with Air France, TAP Portugal and WestJet.

Adding Madeira To “Europe” Plans

Madeira is simply stunning. Jagged cliffs, exquisite seafood and outdoor adventure at every turn are just a sampling of the things on offer. With these new direct flights from New York, a stop in Madeira is actually an incredible way to experience Europe.

The flight would clock in under 6 hours, and with good winds potentially under 5, which makes it a lot easier to sit in economy. Short, direct onward flights to Southern Europe allow visitors to explore Spain and Portugal with ease, potentially returning from one of these areas.

Madeira is quickly becoming one of the most popular areas for digital nomads, too. The islands launched the world’s first digital nomad village last year and has offered attractive programs to long stay visitors.

Tourism officials were also among the first to tackle traveler woes during the current health crisis, and offers generous accommodation and support in the event of positive cases during travel.

Europe is getting more Madeira flights – the US is getting more Madeira flights, and in time, this gorgeous destination will become much harder to ignore. If you haven’t yet been, you really should.

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