When flights with hotel are cheaper than flights alone, it’s probably a good idea to book…

All the best trips are about the excitement of a destination, but does it really hurt if the excitement starts long before you get there? Flying business class, to put it lightly, is awesome. Goodbye, airport waiting areas, hello VIP lounges with food and fully stocked bars. And then on board, the excitement continues to grow with more champagne (just not too much), and if you’re flying long haul, a bed in the sky to rest up for the excitement ahead.

Wherever you want to go, without a doubt, one of the best ways to lock in this level of luxury without robbing a bank, is via the British Airways Luxury Holiday Offers, which brings some of the best deals of the year starting from £269 for a three night return city break including hotel. Even better, you can cover the costs over time, and you don’t need to start in any crazy cities either. These package holiday deals are direct from London and include your hotels too.

a row of seats in an airplaneBest Way To Save

The best travel trick for saving on flights has been right in front of you the whole time. Package deals are one of the very best ways to save, since they unlock airfare prices only available to those booking two tickets and booking hotel at the same time. It can literally be cheaper to buy flights and hotel than just the flights alone.

italyThe Short Haul Deals

British Airways short haul Club Europe deals bring business class flights with airport lounges, fast track where available and full service catering and drinks on board. You earn tier points and Avios on the flights. Plus, bonus Avios on the holiday, which is nice! In many cases, the flights alone are great bargains, but when you add in the hotel nights thrown in, things take off. Like…

a bed in a planeThe Long Haul Deals

In many cases, actually, almost every case – these holiday deals including hotel are lower than the cost of booking a flight by itself. They’re fantastic. With deposits from only £300, you can soften the blow by paying over time, up to five weeks before departure. Our favorites…

British Airways Deposit Feature

All these holiday package deals have a unique feature, which makes travel easier to budget for. You can secure any of these deals with a deposit from £300. This allows you to simply pay over time, on your schedule, using whichever cards you want. Balances must be paid in full at five weeks before departure, but it’s a great way to lock in an awesome deal and then spread it out as you please. Plus, if you want to earn points from a few different cards, that never hurts!

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  1. I wouldn’t imagine so, but any idea if you get elite night credit at the hotel if it’s a chain? If so, this would become even more valuable.

    1. WOH website is very vague about opaque bookings. Basically says you have to check with TA if it’s an eligible rate.

  2. Embarrassingly low fares but if word is out about BAs current service levels then this is probably what’s required to get people to pay for “business class” *. and fill unsold seats.
    * Club Europe is hardly comparable to true business class with cramped seating micro portion food, though quality is up from Rock bottom). Don’t expect any choice if you’re in the second half of the cabin to be served. And the osteopath required for anyone whose flown over an hour can be paid for from the discounted fare.

  3. It’s totally appalling people in econmay class and I wish they would not use that word ! Are treated like dirt.
    British airways used to be a standard of excellence and a privilege to fly with basic standards have been forgotten.
    I hope this does not repeat in flying Ba to Malibu then key west.

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