a house in the snow

We’ve all seen the pretty beaches. Summer travel will always be a hot commodity, but sometimes there’s just nothing better than relaxing by the fire, wrapping up in blankets, drinking hot cocoa and taking in breathtaking terrain. In pursuit of the ultimate in winter travel joy- take a peek at these outrageously cool cabins around the world. January will never be glum again…

a glass building with a green aurora borealis in the skyManshausen, Norway

The architecture of these Norwegian cabins merits a visit itself, with parts protruding out over the Norwegian Sea. Fully equipped, with space to sleep up to five people this is ideal for just about anyone. And set in gorgeous, rugged terrain, this is the place to be if you’re into hiking, fishing, or skiing. If you’re lucky, you can even see the Northern Lights from the luxury of your own bed.

Link: http://www.manshausen.no

a log cabin with grass roof and a sunsetEagle Brae, Scotland

These luxurious, homely log cabins are the perfect place to stay when exploring the Scottish Highlands. Bask in the breathtaking scenery and wildlife that surrounds you, while cosy’ing up by the fire. Each cabin is unique, providing unrivaled hospitality and surprisingly easy to get to. So the only question is if you’ll ever want to leave.

Link: http://www.eaglebrae.co.uk/

a house in the snowUfogel Cabin, Austria

All wood inside and out, with a design you’ve gotta see to believe- this dreamy getaway stands out. Add in the glorious panoramic mountain views and sharp interior, and you’re definitely onto a winner. After a day of skiing it’s the perfect place to come back for a warm cosy night in; and if skiing’s not your thing, it’s also a beautiful place to stay and get away in the summer months.

Link: http://www.ufogel.at/?lang=en

a house in the woodsTye Haus/Sky Haus, Washington, USA

When you think of enchanting cabin in the woods, this is what the dream looks like. These A-Frame cabins are surrounded by towering trees and ooze so much charm and charisma- that just one look at them will have you wanting to book your stay. They are the perfect place for some hiking, relaxing and skiing at Steven’s Pass ski resort right next door. This is special.

Link: http://tyerivercabinco.com/

a house with a mountain in the backgroundHapuku Tree Houses, New Zealand

Want surreal? Try being perched 30 feet in the air among the trees, in one of the most gorgeous parts of the world. Nestled under the Kaikoura Mountains, offering spectacular views of the endless nature that surrounds you this is an absolutely magical spot. Guests can enjoy amazing walking trails, before heading home to enjoy a relaxing glass of wine, right from the on property vineyard. Does it get much better?

Link: http://www.lodgesofnz.co.nz/lodges/hapuku-lodge-and-treehouses

a house in the snowVilla Boréale, Québec, Canada

You haven’t experienced a jacuzzi until you’ve ventured out in the middle of the winter for a warm luxurious soak. This Scandinavian style cottage is a dream place to stay close to Le Massif de Charlevoix ski resort, offering cool views, cold weather, warm jacuzzi tub, hot fire and everything you need to escape the world. With no neighboring cottages you really will feel like you’ve left it all behind. If only for a weekend…

Link: http://www.villaboreale.com/en.html

a building with a roof

Rimrock Ranch, California, USA

Located by Joshua Tree National Park, this cool, unique property is the best place to feel like the last human on earth. And what better place than in a land known for mysterious night sightings in the sky? Open your doors to the extraordinary desert and enjoy the breathtaking quirky scenery that surrounds you. And if you start missing normal life too much, you’re only a couple of hours away from Los Angeles.

Link: http://www.rimrockranchpioneertown.com/

a room with a fireplace and a couchThe Zermatt Lodge, Swiss Alps

Zermatt is a destination you should have high on your bucket list anyway – but when you see this luxurious lodge you’ll officially understand why. Zermatt Lodge offers truly spectacular views of the unrivaled, dramatic terrain of the alps, a place only imagined in spy thrillers- yet the property lends a beautifully warm and design focused touch. The lodge sleeps up to ten people, making it the perfect place to cosy up with family, friends or just your skis. 

Link: https://www.luxuryretreats.com/vacation-rentals/switzerland/swiss-alps/zermatt/the-zermatt-lodge-112786

a house on a hill with snowFordypningsrommet Fleinvaer Cabins, Norway

The professional term for these magical cabins is “super cool”. Located on an island off of Norway, these cabins unlock the untouched landscape we collectively seek. Away from everyday life and virtually… all people, this is the ideal place to jet off to a place quite literally frozen in time. The cabins offer everything you could possibly need and yes, that includes potential Aurora Borealis sightings. 

Link: https://fordypningsrommet.no/en/

a log cabin with lights in the skyKakslauttenen, Finland

We’re sure you’ve seen these cool igloo style accommodation before, but there’s good reasons. It’s just perfect for viewing the Northern Lights right from your bed, while enjoying the quirkiness of Lapland. Choose from the glass igloos, stunning log chalets or snow igloos – each offering a one-of-a-kind experience. Just be sure to fill your case with some warm clothing. 

Link: http://www.kakslauttanen.fi/accommodation/

Featured Image courtesy of: Ufogel Cabin, Austria


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