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It’s no fun to pick on anyone when they’re down, but when it comes to currency, it all comes around anyway. I’ll never forget visiting London in 2005 when the Great British Pound was 2:1 against the US Dollar, and everything felt like getting robbed.

Today, it’s quite a different picture with the dollar within 20 cents of the pound, making London more affordable (and fun) than it’s been in over a decade. Yes, this is the time to go. Adding to that theory, there’s also flights on British Airways and Virgin Atlantic under $350 from not one, or two, but five US gateways round trip!

The Flight Deals To London

If you’re going to London, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic are certainly not a bad way to get there, and at these prices, virtually the same as discount airline Norwegian, they’re an absolute bargain. You still get meals, drinks and all that stuff, with the exception of a checked bag. There’s really never been a better time to learn how to pack a carry on properly…

So which cities can you fly to London for under $350 round trip? New York, Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Orlando. There’s plenty of others under $400 as well…

The Dates You Can Jet Off

The best flights are available from October 2019 through March 2020, with brief availability again in May 2020. The usual December holiday blackouts apply, but Thanksgiving is actually an amazing time to visit London, since it’s crazy busy for domestic flights, but pretty dead for international.

The lowest prices typically require a four night stay or more, but when you’re headed to London, you’ll want to stay at least that long. It’s an amazing city.

How To Book These Flight Deals

Ready, set, book. We’ve got easy links which take you directly to the lowest prices, so all you’ll need to do is change the dates and enter all the boring stuff like billing address and yada yada. Simply click the best city for you and take it from there, like…

Since it’s always nice to hit the ground running, here’s a 48 hour guide for London with everything you need to know to get from the airport to the city quickly, where to stay, where to eat and maybe most important… where to get caffeinated. Jet lag can be a real pain…

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