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Sometimes the simplest tools are the very best. There’s no need to cloak your browser, do a rain dance or pay in a crypto currency here. All you need to do is click, browse – and maybe save. If you’re an IHG loyalist, or a Kimpton fan, the last minute deals page is one of the best ways to rack up nights and great experiences without breaking the bank. Here’s how to use it…

a room with furniture and a pink wallKimpton

Despite being owned by mega corp, aka the Intercontinental Hotels Group, Kimpton has largely remained true to its uniquely quirky brand. It’s where you may find Ricky Gervais on your pillows or a complimentary wine hour every night. There’s a lot to like about that. It’s also maintained another fan favorite: last minute deals.

a room with two bedsWhat

The dedicated “Last Minute Deals” page brings special offers valid for the next seven days and seven days only. To be super clear: it’s not booking in the next seven days and staying later, it’s book now, stay within seven days. These deals can bring almost unheard of prices to many of the best Kimpton hotels. This week has deals in California, New York, Washington DC, Portland and Boston, with rates starting at $81, which is just over $100 all in with tax.

a bed with pillows and a map above itWhen

These deals constantly rotate on a seven day rotisserie. Each day you check, a new property may be included. If you’re an IHG Rewards member, you can have these “Last Minute” deals pushed to your inbox, which is nice. Obviously stays within a seven day window are niche, but they can be a great way to plan fun, spontaneous travel. If you happen to have a refundable reservation in place there’s not much to lose.


The Kimpton Last Minute Deals page is here. Bookmark it, use it and plan cool things. You need to become an IHG Rewards member to book, but it’s free, so. Getting the offers pushed directly to your inbox never hurts either. The great thing about these offers is that they tend to involve cities where hotels can otherwise be incredibly expensive, which makes them even sweeter. The more you know, right?

Featured image courtesy of Kimpton Palm Springs.

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  1. Only stayed at a Kimpton once (in Alexandria, VA near D.C.), but really loved it. Was a little surprised Kimpton was acquired by IHG, which doesn’t match my (basement) perception of IHG. Kimpton seems like it would have been closer to (and better fit for) Hyatt in terms of brand/status/image, IMO.

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