There is seriously an app which can offer private jets for cheaper than commercial coach travel given the right circumstances. It’s not a title grab. Private jets. Where to start… I’ve been lucky enough to hitch a couple rides in my day and it’s safe to say that the experience is like no other. You think first class check in is nice? Try driving directly onto the tarmac in your own car only to be whisked onto an airplane of your own, no metal detectors, no touchy security agents. It gets even better as you settle into a comfy seat of your choosing without the chance of an armrest war, left to a world of total seclusion and pampering only to arrive at your destination further undisturbed, without a need to wait for bags.

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Elevated travel at minimal expense, i’m sure you’re tired of hearing that phrase. If I told you that flying in a private jet using an app could actually be cheaper than flying commercial economy, you might just be less sick of it. There’s a neat app called JetSmarter which I recently have tinkered with and there is serious value to be had, especially for groups. The essence of the app is that it captures and monetizes unused private jet legs. Similar to Delta offering upgrades from first class to private jets, JetSmarter offers incredibly dirt cheap jet pricing on positioning legs. When an aircraft is in New York and needs to be in Boston tomorrow a jet charter company must fly the plane, usually with no income on the “empty leg” thus losing out completely. JetSmarter is allowing people to snag those open last minute legs thus turning zero dollars into some dollars. The bottom line: we can win. Today for example there is a seven passenger jet waiting on Long Island not far from my home that needs to get to Boston. The cost for one way in the jet is $1000. FOR THE WHOLE JET. For one person this would be ludicrous, commercial flights are available for $220. For seven friends or family splitting the plane you would be paying $142 per person. A savings of over 80 dollars versus commercial travel. There have been similarly priced open legs daily from London, Paris and Rome areas to surrounding destinations including the South of France, Italian Riviera and places further inland such as Switzerland and Amsterdam. For a group of friends, a bachelor party or a family, this could be just the ticket.

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In true tale of two cities fashion, you could always book your return on a discount carrier assuming another open leg on your luxury jet doesn’t pop up. Compared to flying the discounter both ways, the private jet in the right circumstances, could save you money. Yes, I know that sounds ridiculous but it’s true. The good news is that the app is free, the rides are cheap to book using “Jet Deals” and if you happen to be a baller willing to pay about $8,000 a year, many of the rides described above are free for members. You only live once!

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