a white sand beach with trees and a dock

Just picture it.

The sun is setting, the cocktails are cold, the air is warm and the water is sparkling like a brilliant diamond, right before your eyes. You just came in from a scuba lesson followed by a spa treatment, and to complete the fantasy, it’s all free. Does this sound like Coronavirus to you?

For one group of lucky-unlucky travelers, it’s exactly what they’re experiencing right now, since Maldives health minsters quarantined a luxury island resort in the Maldives until further notice.

The Kuredu Island Resort & Spa fetches hundreds per night, but guests who arrives last week and over the weekend are now enjoying an open ended, complimentary vacation. Seriously. It almost sounds like the plot of a television show.

a swimming pool and lounge chairs on a beachAfter two people tested positive for Coronavirus, the resort was placed on “lockdown” until further notice, and fortunately, like most things in the remote Maldives, the luxury resort was well stocked and prepared for the occasion.

A note on the hotel website states “The island is well stocked with the essentials and we are confident in the care that will be provided to all.”

Guests who aren’t feeling at risk or displaying symptoms can perhaps enjoy some snorkeling, scuba, paddle boarding, spa treatments, cooking classes and other bucket list activities to pass the time. Even those which are self quarantining are able to enjoy private pool villas, beach bungalows or overwater villas, all looking out to clear blue seas.

It’s unknown if these activities are part of the quarantine package, or if guests still need to pay for extras during the government imposed lock down.

a small island with a dock and treesReally, it’s just nice to hear a bit of levity from Coronavirus, rather than doom and gloom. Health is not a laughing matter, but if the world is going to be thrown into chaos and uncertainty, at least a few people get to tough it out on an island atoll in the Maldives.

The Maldives and cheap don’t ever go hand in hand, so the idea of a buy one week, get two free package is a fantastic, unintended consequence. Since it’s government mandated, guests will be able to get out of any grief from work, and even have flights reinstated by their respective airlines without any fees.

Silver linings are everywhere, particularly if you’re hiding out from the virus in the Maldives.

Thanks to Blythe for sharing this great story!

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  1. Not a bad place to be stuck!!! It certainly beats my 10 days stuck in Vegas (of all places) after Eyjafjallajökull shut down European airspace!

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