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Update: these deals have now expired. We told you they wouldn’t last long. Here’s how to never miss a deal again.

Sorry, no time for chit chat today. We can’t waste time telling you that California is sunny, or that Seattle has an awesome factory, or that Las Vegas is a great place to make terrible decisions. That’s because a flash sale is floating around which may be one of the very best deals of the year, and it won’t last long. Oneworld is launching a savage attack out of Amsterdam, and that means round trip flights to the USA under £1000… in business class.

And nerds, without a doubt – this is one of those deals where you explain to your non nerd friends that it’s worth using 4,500 points or a cheap flight to get to Amsterdam, because it’ll save hundreds, if not thousands!

a room with rows of seats and a man sitting on the sideThe Flight Deals

Amsterdam is a huge hub for European air travel and Oneworld is trying to make a big dent in the mostly SkyTeam airport. Think: KLM. To do so, they’ve launched crazy deals to both East and West Coast USA, with flights under £1000. You can even fly the Finnair A350 to Los Angeles, which is fantastic. These deals won’t last more than the day, so think now and ask questions later.

All flights to the USA allow 24 hour risk free cancellation, so if you can’t make it work, you can get a refund if you cancel within 24 hours of booking.

palm trees aviosThe Dates You Can Book

These deals are available and wide open for travel in April, May, July and August, with a few dates in early September as well. You’ll need to stay over at least one Saturday to lock in the best prices. This is an amazing way to save during a time period when economy can actually cost more!

a room with seats and a table with headphones on itHow To Book These Flights

We’ve made super easy to use Google Flights links which take you directly to the best deals to blow your mind grapes for once and for all. Just follow these links and play around like Amsterdam to…

These deals are round trip, which make them total steals. If you book with British Airways and add hotel or car rental, you can also pay for them over time, up to five weeks before departure, which is cool! Enjoy America.

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  1. You really need to stop tempting me haha … First it was the £900 Virgin (last year) and now this – might as well get Global Entry at this rate! 😀

    I did manage to snag AMS-HEL-LAX on their brand-new A350 for €3400 (for 3 pax)!

    Thanks a million! 🙂

  2. I pressed the link for the flights to LA and New York,but they didn’t quote me £800-£957 prices,they came back at over $2,000!!!
    Your lino doesn’t work!

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