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By now, you’ve probably seen plenty of content talking about the IHG® Rewards Club Premier Credit Card, and how right now you can experience the largest ever 140,000 point welcome bonus the card has offered, after $3000 in spending.

All that content can saturate a message, but this is one time where anyone who’s a fan of IHG should really perk up, because the card is so much bigger than just the welcome bonus at the moment. It’s at least 25x points on IHG spending and instant Platinum status with IHG.

Here’s why it really is time to give this a serious thought…

a swimming pool with palm trees and a beach25 Points Per Dollar At IHG Hotels

140,000 points can bring some fantastic hotel nights your way, but once those are over, it’s the other features the card is currently offering which make it such a compelling value right now.

For the road warriors or big holiday spenders, they’ve added something rather extraordinary: more points on everything, for the first 12 months.

The IHG® Rewards Club Premier Credit Card gives you instant Platinum status, which means you earn 15 points per dollar spent at IHG Hotels, including Intercontinental and Kimpton as long as you hold the card, but to sweeten things further, using the IHG® Rewards Club Premier Credit Card adds 10 points per dollar for the first year, for a total of 25 points per dollar spent at IHG properties.

That doesn’t even include bonuses like the 4X right now, which brings insane earning.

Yep, a $1000 stay would earn back up to 25,000 points. That’s borderline absurd, in a really nice way, and since you’re platinum, life at the actual hotels is nicer too.

Free Anniversary Night Certificate

You’ll be earning at least 25,000 points for every $1,000 you spent at IHG properties all year, and each anniversary, you’ll receive a complimentary night certificate valid for any hotel that costs up to 40,000 points per night, which means you’ve got a lot of choices.

With an annual fee of just $89, that’s more than enough reason to carry the card in itself, but when you think about how many points you can earn in the first year with the increased 25x on IHG and 2x on everything else, it could be quite a lucrative year.

intercontinental vietnamAbout That 140,000 Points Welcome Bonus

Oh yeah, and there’s that. 140,000 IHG Rewards Club Points is enough for so many amazing experiences, and with the news that IHG is partnering with Mr & Mrs Smith for points redemption opportunities, it means that you can even enjoy non chain hotels while using points.

It’s not hard to imagine how good using points would feel at the Intercontinental Sun Penninsula in Vietnam, or the true travel blogger special – the Maldives. Perhaps Bora Bora is a bit more original? With these points, the possibilities are pretty endless, and with 40 points per dollar in the first 12 months on any nights you do pay for, this is super compelling.

You can apply for the IHG® Rewards Club Premier Credit Card here. The offer won’t last forever…

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  1. Ummmm there are links out there … same huge 125K points but withan extra $50 statement credit. Your links don’t offer the best possible deals.

  2. On their website it says you get 10x for being a credit card holder, 10x for being an IHG Rewards Club member and 5x for being platinum status which you get from the card totaling 25x points. Where is that extra 15 points coming for the first year? I don’t see that verbiage anywhere on their site. 40x would be awesome.


      That one expired in October. I called IHG and Chase about it. That one had 125k points but offered a total of 40x points for the first year on IHG purchases. Would have been a better deal for me as I had a long stay coming up.

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