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One of the best reasons for travel is seeing, learning and experiencing things you wouldn’t be exposed to at home – broadening your horizons. So, what better way, than by stuffing your face? Street food is one of the most authentic expressions of any culture, taking you just outside your comfort zone and leaving you with memories lasting long after the last mouthful. Follow the locals, look for long queues and bring your appetite. Hungry? These are the best street food cities on earth, you’ll find the most mouth watering food imaginable…

Mexico City

Mexican food is popular throughout the world, but trying it in the heart Mexico is like a completely new experience. Even the simplest of taco stands will have fresh corn tortillas and ingredients absolutely bursting with flavor. You’ll also find dishes not found outside of Mexico, which is pretty damn cool.


Mumbai’s street food is a huge part of their culinary culture and unquestionably some of the very best in the world. The history, story and care that goes into every dish is exciting and explains so much of daily life in India. Think chaat, samosas, dosas, bhel puri, vada pav and so much more.

a plate of food with a spoonBangkok

From breakfast to dinner Bangkok’s street food scene offers up some world class food. Queen mother of the street food scene Jay Fai was even recently awarded a Michelin star. You’ll be able to taste power packed, fresh dishes including some comfort favorites while also sampling many you won’t find at your local restaurant, back home.

Ho Chi Minh City

There are so many delicious options. Almost every stall you visit will have a speciality dish, so count on spending a lot of your time in this city eating. We’re all for it. What better way to experience the wonderfully fresh flavors and ingredients on offer than direct from locals.

a plate of sushi with chopsticksHonolulu

Poke is exploding all over the world, but what better place to have it than in the beauty and sunshine of Honolulu – where it belongs. It tastes better too! Don’t worry, if raw fish isn’t your thing, there’s plenty of other options with food truck culture booming here.


Paris may have you thinking of Michelin starred restaurants and fine dining, but sometimes a warm, juicy crepe is all you need. Paris is a bustling city and food on the go is totally underrated. Think crepes with ham and gruyere or Nutella and strawberries. Drooling yet?


Two words: chicken rice. Ok – and soy sauce. Three words. With a large culinary variety and many ethnically diverse dishes driven by Chinese, Indian and Malay flavors, you’ll definitely fall in love with the street food of Singapore. And unlike many things in the city, it’s very cheap!


Eating a scorpion on a stick may not have you salivating, but there’s lots more on offer at the food stalls of Beijing. You might not always know exactly what you’re eating, but it doesn’t mean it won’t taste good. It’s a city where taking a foodie guided tour can unlock lifelong memories.

a large crowd of people at a marketMarrakech

You’ll find endless food stalls in the famous Jemaa El-Fnaa, offering up a delightful spread of Moroccan cuisine. But if you venture a bit further out into the city confines, you’ll find more regional cuisine. Even if you’re not hungry, the fresh juice is the best you’ll find pretty much anywhere in the world.


With so many different culinary influences, the street food here is up there with some of the best. And as you may be thinking, it’s very underrated. The buttery, cheesy arepas are a must and will have you coming back for more. Colombia’s currency is also at unusual lows making this a very affordable place to pig out!

What’s your favorite street food?

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