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California sun, or New York shopping?

Going East or going West? Whichever direction you’re going, you’re headed directly toward some excellent flight deals. As passengers lament the airport waiting game more than ever, airlines are finally wising up to the idea of direct, non stop flights from all the places you need to be, to all the places you want to go. If you’re looking to swap coasts for a fun trip, these flight deals starting at just $102 one way should do the trick.

a group of palm treesThe Deals

JetBlue, American, Delta, Alaska and United are each out with extremely tempting economy deals for direct, transcontinental flights across the good ole’ USA. From Seattle in the Pacific Northwest to sunny San Diego in Southern California, there are direct flight offers from the top and bottoms of each coast, including Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Miami as well. At $102 one way, or roughly $200 round trip, these are stellar deals for semi long haul flights, and if you’ve got points to go the other way for free, it’s an even better deal! We’ve got all the details below.

a row of seats on an airplaneThe Dates

These deals are mostly available from now through November, 2018. There are some great deals out there for 2019 as well, though you can expect to pay $20-50 higher if you book this early. Contrary to popular belief, there is no best time to book the best flight deals. Not every single date will be available, but we were able to find deals with ease, especially for departures on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Saturdays.

a city street with many tall buildings and people crossing itHow To Book

What if someone just found all the best deals, threw them into one easy to click list, and let you jet off in style for less? *Hint*, we’re that someone. Here are the best one way transcontinental flight deals, like: $102 Fort Lauderdale to San Diego (and vice versa), $111 Boston to Seattle (and vice versa), $114 Boston to Los Angeles (and vice versa), $114 Miami to San Francisco (and vice versa), $119 New York to Los Angeles (and vice versa), $125 Baltimore to Los Angeles (and vice versa), $129 New York to Seattle (and vice versa) and finally, $129 Philadelphia to San Francisco (and vice versa). Enjoy your trip, and here’s how to go carry on only and save on bags!

Are you jetting off to the other coast?

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