Athens, Greece. After sunset. Parthenon and Herodium construction in Acropolis Hill
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You’ve seen it in the movies, you’ve probably even seen the pictures on Instagram, but nothing quite prepares you for the first time you see that fabled Greek “blue” for the first time through your own two eyes. Juxtaposed against immaculately painted white tavernas and houses, there’s something so unique and surreal about finding yourself in Greece. With $305 round trip flights from NYC, that’s a lot easier than usual too…

Even if you’re in Boston, or another East Coast US city, it can totally be worth using miles or a cheap ticket to get to NYC, since the savings may still be far greater…

a city with a building on top of itFlight Deals To Greece

Western European cities like Paris have seen some fabulous deals recently, but due to demand, Greece is hardly ever included. Not today! There are round trip flight deals on major airlines from $305 round trip, and since you can expect sunshine and warm weather, you won’t even miss your checked bag. A carry on should totally do the trick.

There are flights available under $350 with Swiss, Iberia, British Airways, Lufthansa and more. Emirates includes a checked bag and is only marginally more.

One reason Greece is such an exciting destination is how fantastic the interconnectivity is on the islands, via plane, or ferry. It’s also relatively cheap, so side trips to Mykonos or Santorini are easy.

The Dates You Can Travel

Deals are available in the mid $300’s from next week (Jan) through April, but the lowest deals start to surface around the end of March, and stay through early May. The lowest offers come back again in late August and stick around through until the end of the year.

You’ll find the lowest prices on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday departures from New York, with a minimum stay of one week. That shouldn’t be hard, it’s Greece…

a pool on a cliff overlooking a townHow To Book These Flight Deals To Greece

Santorini is a breath of fresh air, and that’s rarely how people describe booking flights. To make things easier, we’ve made links which take you directly to the lowest prices, so all you need to do is follow the date advice above – about flights, not your personal life – and you should find what you’re looking for with ease.

If you’re thinking about making the side trip to Santorini, here’s a guide to everything including where to stay, where to eat and a few things you may want to do, and or avoid. Every little helps…

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