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Afternoon tea on a plane, anyone?

San Francisco is lovely, as is just about everywhere within a 100 mile radius including the Napa Valley. It’s a bucket list destination offering everything from refined city culture to jaw dropping cliffs along the Pacific Coast Highway, with plenty in between. From the UK, it’s just not exactly “close”, nor is it often cheap. Virgin Atlantic has super cheap flights to San Francisco by any standard at the moment and that means you can hit the Best Coast for less. Like £288 all in. And yes, you get afternoon tea.

a large building with a clock tower and a body of waterThe Flight Deals To San Francisco

Not going to lie – it’s a long way to fly in economy, but San Francisco is worth it, and unlike some airlines, Virgin doesn’t treat economy passengers as inconveniences. The airline has an Eric Lanlard afternoon tea with scones, clotted cream and jam to give you a sugar high en route. And fear not, you also get full meals too.

The Dates You Can Travel

These hot flights to San Francisco are available from October 28th through December 10th of 2019, and then again from January 9th through May 10th, with the exception of some blackout dates in April 2020. That’s great options in 2019 or 2020 to finally hit San Francisco, or explore the West Coast.

Virgin Atlantic continues to surprise us with these amazing deals by not having restrictive minimum stay requirements. In other words, you can leave on a Monday and come back Tuesday – not that you would want to. Longer trips are just fine too : )

a city skyline with a body of water and a sunsetHow To Book These Flight Deals

You want flight deals, you don’t want small talk. Despite this wish, we’ll now give you a few great resources for San Francisco, such as how to see *almost* all of it in 24 hours, how to spend your time if you have longer, and a few ultra common fails to avoid.

Now that that’s out of the way, here’s links to the lowest deals in October, November, December, January, February, March, April and May. Simply click, change the dates to something that looks great to you and book while it lasts. You can’t go too wrong in San Francisco!

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