Streets of New York
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How do you spell b-a-r-g-a-i-n-?

For the fully quintessential New York experience, autumn into winter is about as iconic as it gets. November brings on beautiful color changes as Central Park turns from green to orange, red and yellow and the excitement of winter sales is too much for some travelers to handle. And lets not forget skating under the tree. OneWorld airlines Finnair and American are offering an incredible sale, bringing round trip tickets to New York on major airlines under £260 round trip. Want in? We thought so…

a white airplane in the skyThe Flight Deals

You won’t get a checked bag, but at this price – who cares. New York is the perfect destination for a long weekend, and since you’re a pro traveler, going carry on only is super easy. You’ll have a short connection in Helsinki on the way out, but direct flights are available on the way back. These deals put you in the heart of NYC at the best time of year, just in time for sales, shows, tree lighting and everything else. If you absolutely need a checked bag, the tickets are only about $40 more.

a large building with many peopleThe Deal Dates

These deals are available from November 2018 thru March 2019, with the exception of peak travel during late December. These deals require a Saturday night stay, but if you fly on a Thursday or Friday, you’d be able to pull off a long weekend with ease. Overnight flight, and right to work, anyone?

30 Rockefeller Plaza skyline at sunsetHow To Book NYC

These flight deals are super easy to book. We’ve made easy to use links on Google Flights, which take you right to the best prices to New York City – just click here. Once you click, just change the dates to find something that works for you, be sure to include a Saturday night and then click over to book directly with the airline. These prices are about as low as we’ve ever seen for a major airline, so there’s really not much to lose. You’ll get meals, drinks and all the usual stuff. Love it! Here’s what not to do in New York City, and here’s how to have the perfect long weekend. You’re welcome.


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