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Swiss First Class is exquisite!
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Insert meme about impractical flight decisions…

For aviation geeks, first class is the bait too tempting to resist. For luxury travellers, a sale on first class is the icing on top of the cake, on top of the champagne tower. When it comes to the creme de la creme in commercial travel, few first class cabins outrank the style, sophistication and total start to finish experience offered by Lufthansa, and Swiss. Easily two of the best in the business, you can try them both in one go, thanks to a great deal from Europe to Hong Kong. Oh, and since Lufthansa is flying the 747 to Hong Kong, you can try life in the nose of the Queen of the Skies!

a seat in an airplaneThe First Class Deal

No one is saying £2000 (€2250) isn’t quite a lot of money. It is to virtually anyone, but when business class regularly retails for more, and you’re looking at an experience that includes a Porsche ride to the plane, vintage champagne and a bed that rivals many London apartments, it starts to sound more like a deal than a shocking amount of money. In the end, both are true.a screenshot of a computer a screenshot of a computer

Lufthansa and Swiss have a great sale from Stockholm and Gothenburg, and both departure points offer £2000 (€2250) round trip first class. You can even combine airlines to sample the best of both worlds. You can’t beat the Lufthansa First Class Terminal in Frankfurt, and it’s hard to imagine a more stunning airline cabin than First Class on the Swiss Boeing 777, which happens to fly to Hong Kong.

Lufthansa First Class ChampagneThe Dates You Can Travel

These first class offers are available on select dates from December through March, and then again in late June. Hong Kong remains an extremely safe city either as a destination or a transit hub, and with flights of this length, you can actually enjoy the first class service. Side note: Hong Kong is a great gateway to many other parts of Asia, including Tokyo, Singapore, Bangkok and beyond…

To get the best prices, you’ll need to spend at least six nights in Asia, meaning you could leave on a Tuesday and come back the next Monday, but no sooner. Longer stays are just fine.

a bed with a white sheet and a tvHow To Book These First Class Flights

These flights are bookable directly with Swiss, and with Expedia or Skyscanner. Here’s a Google Flights link which takes you directly to the lowest prices. Using the Skyscanner link above seems to shave off around £50 per flight, which can be valuable, but obviously some of you will prefer to book direct, or via Expedia.

Swiss and Lufthansa First have occasionally been on sale at slightly lower prices, but those typically require two people to travel and book together, whereas these don’t. If this is for you, don’t hesitate because this sale can be pulled rather quickly!

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