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787 Dreamliner + bed in the sky = dreamy…

For the first time in years, there just haven’t been any great deals to Australia in far too long. There’s the occasional blip on the radar in economy, but with more than 18 hours to travel in each direction, this is a flight best done in a bed, if anyway possible. After much adieu, a great deal to Australia has finally emerged, bringing 787 business class flat beds the entire way. At £1700 round trip, it’s certainly not cheap, but it will undoubtedly remain one of the best offers for pure comfort on this bucket list route…

a white and gold airplane in the skyThe Business Class Deal

Etihad’s “business studio” is the airlines very best business class offering, with fantastic privacy, major entertainment system and great sleeping comfort. The airline has launched £1700 round trip fares from Madrid to Melbourne, which offer 787 business class the entire way. On flights this long the oversized windows and jet lag reducing benefits of newer planes such as the Dreamliner can make a huge difference.

a row of seats in an airplaneThe Dates

These flight deals put you into Melbourne with plenty of time to soak up the sun, or getaway from summer in the Northern Hemisphere. You can jet off from January 15th – June 15th, 2019, and only a single Saturday night stay is required. These deals do carry a 30 day maximum stay as well. As of this moment, availability is wide open. Simply find a trip that has you staying for at least one Saturday, and not for more than 30 days and you should find these gems with ease.

47030252 - view of melbourne skyline at dusk australiaHow To Book

If you’re still reading, congratulations, that attention to detail just saved you some frustration. The standard price for these deals is £1850/€2100, but using promo code AMXD0918 will knock the price down to ~€1900/£1715, which is a big break when you’re spending a big chunk of change.  Book with Etihad here. You’ll enjoy 787 Dreamliner business class the entire way to Australia, with phenomenal lounges on offer in Abu Dhabi. One thing that makes these deals even sweeter is that you can book a free two night stopover in Abu Dhabi, with hotels included. To do so, simply search Multi City and add a 1 or 2 night stay in Abu Dhabi. It’s optional, but it’s a cool side trip opportunity!

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  1. Please note if you want the free stopover the discount code does not work with multi-city bookings. So your booking will be 7-10% dearer. So in effect you do end up paying for the stopover hotel.

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