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This is the time of year to be nice…

In 1999 an every day hero flew from Amsterdam to Minneapolis. Her name (for now) is only known as “Tracy”, and to this minute she has no idea the impact she made on the lives of others. KLM is on the search to find “Tracy” on behalf of two girls whose lives she forever impacted who just want to say thanks. Consider this the feel good treasure hunt of the year…

A Small Gesture

“Tracy” did what few people ever do while traveling: she listened. On her flight from Amsterdam, Tracy and a friend were seated next to two sisters from Yugoslavia who had fled the bombings and unrest of a country in despair. They were headed to America in hopes of finding a better life and new hope. The sisters, 12 and 17 at the time, told “Tracy” of the perilous situation they were leaving and their new start. They were escaping the worst of humanity, and the didn’t know it at the time, but their seat mate was about to show them the very best of it.

Before disembarking Tracy handed the girls an envelope with a note. She told the girls not to open it until they had left the plane. Inside was one of the most beautiful things you’ll read today.

“To: The girls from Yugoslavia, I am so sorry that the bombing of your country has caused your family any problems. I hope your stay in America will be a safe & happy one for you — welcome to America — please use this to help you here — : ) a friend from the plane — Tracy ”

Find Tracy

By this, she meant the $100 bill she put in the envelop to help the girls settle. The girls are now grown up, have graduated college and never forgot the random act of kindness this wonderful citizen of the world showed in their greatest time of need. They want to say thanks, and they’ve enlisted KLM to help. Now you can too. KLM is looking for “Tracy” and here’s what we know about her…

  • Tracy was flying from Amsterdam to Minneapolis on May 31st 1999 .
  • The flight number was KL655.
  • She probably lived a couple of hours away from the airport.
  • She played tennis in Paris.

KLM and the very grateful sisters are seeking any information from anyone who may know the real life “Tracy”, who could help reunite them. If you think you know this real life every day hero, KLM has an email address at this link and they’d love your help. What a meaningful way to start the holidays. Share it until it happens? Hey, if a couple from the UK can get a lost engagement ring back in New York City, anything can happen.

Thanks to our friend Hal for the tip.

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