Mahalo! People are simply obsessed with Hawaii. Sadly the feeling of getting there is generally less tranquil than watching the sunset over the islands dramatic ‘scapes with your pineapple wedge drink. Airlines on the whole have taken the easy route, no pun intended, by using regional jets or domestically configured planes to serve Hawaii. In plain english this means that they use old school seats, nothing fancy. If I am taking a ten hour flight and shelling out or using miles for business class I want a bed. Fortunately Hawaiian is adding fully flat beds in a very unique looking new cabin…

a close-up of a plane

Starting in 2016 and in full effect by 2017 Hawaiian Airlines will switch out it’s current old school angled, lazy boy style seats in business class for fully flat beds with unique accents designed by Italian designer Optimare featuring branding touches from ace firm PaulWylde in New York. The best news is that you can use quite a variety of miles from a few airlines to snag a seat. I am impressed and intrigued with the design. It won’t be the largest business class seat, it doesn’t have full aisle access but it is competitive. Most of all, it looks fresh.

a chair with a curved edge

If Hawaii is on your bucket list and you’re saving those precious miles; perhaps save a little longer and wait for this new seat. Hawaiian offers the only direct flights from the East Coast USA and in my opinion this would be well worth the wait versus connecting onto something comparable at best. Good job Hawaiian. Upgrade.

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