On the whole I find most of the emails I receive from PR agencies regarding “sales” to be borderline insulting. Most of the “sales” that I’m actually interested in are certainly not email blasted to me in advance, telling me just how great they are. Sometimes I’m glad I don’t send them to junk mail automatically…

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The Deal

Avios.com, a transfer partner of British Airways and Iberia, the same currency anyone who flies either airline collects, are offering half priced last minute getaways using Avios, or in plain English, frequent flyer points. You will find flights from Heathrow for half or less of the usual cost for trips departing next weekend, and some beyond. There are actually some awesome destinations including New York, Frankfurt, Boston, Oslo, Brussels, Amsterdam and Edinburgh. If you’ve been looking for a little last minute inspiration to somewhere worthwhile, it’s a great deal

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The Dates 

To lock in the half price or less rate, for this batch, you’ll need to leave this Friday and return early Monday. The good news is that if you’d like to take advantage of the deal one way, you can book one way at the great rate, and the other way at the regular rate. It represents savings for anyone hoping to get away for a weekend. If Friday, perhaps evening, and Monday, maybe early morning works for you, it’s hard to argue with.

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If the deal is for you, head to the Avios.com promotion page. You’ll find all the gritty details. You’ll need to transfer your British Airways or Iberia Avios into Avios.com, unless they are already there, and once there you can book. It’s a very straightforward process. 

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Expert Tips

I am a huge fan of weekend getaways. I’ve just gotten into the show “The Travel Man” and love thinking of just how much you can do or see in a couple days. I’ve done it in most of the greatest cities in the world and highly recommend it. My expert tip is to check paid prices on the routes you are aiming for before committing. Avios are worth at least one cent per piece and I always strive for at least two. Therefore, if a flight will cost 4,000 Avios round trip, you’re using $80 worth of Avios. If the flights are going for more, good deal. Less, bad deal. Just pay cash and earn the tier points and miles. 

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