Hello from quarantine! Like the rest of the world *almost*, GSTP is keeping calm, and carrying on right now, and this week, some company would be lovely.

We’ll host a series of online Q&A, and travel chats this week, and hopefully bring in a special guest or two to make them less boring. And one thing we promise – they will be boring.

Got burning questions only I can answer? That’s doubtful, but if somehow true, this is your chance to corner me in front of a live audience. Jokes aside, this aims to be informative and fun, bringing our shared passion for travel to the forefront.

Like all content on GSTP, these will be free and always will be. Join in?

When And Where?

Everyone has a favorite preference of social media platform, so we’ll aim to hit each one this week. For those that read GSTP regularly, at this point it’s time to give up the royal “we” game and say by “we”, we mean “me” – Gilbert – aka Gib to people who follow extra closely.

The “we” part will come if I can find a great co-host. Here’s the layout for how this week lays out. Also, if you have a podcast, chat or anything you’d like me on, just get in touch.

TONIGHT (Friday, May 1st): We’ll do an Instagram Live at 9PM BST (4PM EST, 1PM Pacific).

Twitter Live: Saturday (May 2nd) I’ll do a 30 minute Twitter Live at at 2PM British Time, 9AM EST. I’ll take any questions, and if you have any you’d like to submit in advance, please do so in the comments section here, or on twitter. Simply visit this link around these times.

Facebook Live: I’ll do a Facebook Live Sunday, May 3rd at 5:00 PM British Time, 12 PM Eastern etc. I’m hoping to have a guest join me on this one, which will be great fun if it all works out. I’ll under promise, and attempt to over deliver. You can find the GSTP Facebook here.

Instagram Live: While we’re going nuts, why not give Instagram a whirl too. Instagram is the platform I always forget about, and this will be a more thematic lesson, with my insights on a topic you’ll have to tune in to find out. Oooh, the drama. This will be Friday, April 24th, 5:30PM British Time, 12:30PM EST, and so forth. Here’s the link to GSTP Instagram.

And in case you hadn’t already picked up from the humor on GSTP, these will be very dry, and boring sessions, with the exception of a nice drink. If you plan to watch these painfully dull sessions, do yourself a favor and find something refreshing to eat or drink to keep you amused. Plan? Super.

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