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Without a doubt, the greatest perk of my job is getting to travel the world. The second greatest perk? Getting to do cool things like see planes before they’re delivered or get insider access to some of the best minds in travel. As part of my favorite perk (getting to travel), I occasionally find things I, myself, just can’t get to, no matter how much I’d love to. One thing I’d LOVE to do: greet the newly painted retro livery British Airways 747 at London Heathrow next week. I can’t, but maybe you can for me…

a man standing in front of a wall with art on itGSTP For A Day

I’m looking for one great travel enthusiast to be “me” for a day and cover the first ever arrival of the British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC) retro painted British Airways 747 at London Heathrow Airport on Monday, February 18th 2019. The Queen of The Skies was just painted to celebrate British Airways 100th anniversary and is sure to make quite an impression.

British Airways has arranged a really cool private reception at a location which will be disclosed to the winner of this contest, with up close access to the beautiful retro livery and the opportunity to talk to the very people responsible for the project. Who knows who you might see?

a blue and white airplaneThe first important detail: You must be available from 9AM to roughly 1PM on February 18th, 2019 at London Heathrow. If you can’t make that, please don’t apply.

I’m looking for one person who’s far more qualified than I am in enthusiasm, experience or 747 nerd status to cover this historic event for God Save The Points. In effect, you’ll be “me” for the day, but hopefully with a better sense of humor. If you think that may be you, here’s what you need to do…

How to apply: Consider this a fun, one off job application. To apply, simply tell us why you are the best candidate for the job by emailing us at with the subject “I’m GSTP”.  You must apply by Tuesday February 12th at 9PM GMT.  I’ll select the application at my own discretion, but some things which definitely can’t hurt to include…

  • Your passion for the 747, British Airways or aviation in general.
  • Any relevant travel experience, even if it’s just keen photography.
  • In lieu of other things, great humor and excitement about the topic.
  • Why Heathrow, BA or the Queen of the Skies is meaningful to you.

a large airplane flying over landWhat I expect

Bring your camera, even if that just means your phone. I’m looking for someone to attend this special private reception on my behalf and to share awesome pictures of the event and mainly of the plane. If you want, you can even create your own write up and be a featured author on God Save The Points for the day with your coverage. No pressure! You’ll need to provide a full legal name by 1pm on Thursday February 14th, and bring your valid photo ID with you on the big day. The who, what, when and where will be shared exclusively with the winner on Wednesday February 13th.

What You Get

You get to attend a really cool, private reception with up close and personal access to the first retro painted Boeing 747-400 in BOAC livery. You’ll have the opportunity to talk to people in charge and involved and may even end up with some cool swag, which is yours to keep. To help make things fun, we’ll Paypal you up to £30 to cover your transit costs on the day. Only if you want to, I’ll happily take you to lunch in Central London at a mutually agreeable date so we can talk travel 1 on 1!

Boring Legal Stuff: This contest is run exclusively by God Save The Points and winners will be chosen solely at their discretion. All results are final and will be based on creativity, experience and interest, which GSTP alone will decide. British Airways has no part in the administration of this contest and is simply providing access to a “journalist” of our choosing for this special event.

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  1. Job? Seriously… just offering £30 to cover transport because you can’t attend the event. “Cheapstake” comes to mind …. and not to say, if you want someone to do your job for you, you should pay someone properly and not just vague promise of lunch.

  2. Oh my lord …. who is this guy “Do you Care” … its not about the job …. its being there to see what many of believe to be the greatest passenger aircraft of the 20th Century and beyond on a great occasion organised by BA.
    You are right GSTP “This is why the internet is priceless!!”

  3. Wow, an amazing opportunity involving a unique experience for a British 747 mega-fan and these are the 2 comments that get left? Forget how awesome this will be, clearly it’s all about cheap labour! *eye roll*

  4. Disgusted with the above comments by ‘Do you care’. Hiding behind a pseudonym is totally gutless behaviour. Can’t even spell ‘cheapskate! It is a great offer by Gilbert and I’d have applied myself had I not already been away in Rio courtesy of BA.

  5. Great idea for someone and Very Special Indeed wrt which I hope someone deservedly does it proud.

    I have Not entered due to Health limitations, so I’ll say no more.

    wrt image used, I understand it’s Not your fault as that Image is All that’s been released so far.

    What is going to complete with that QOTS reveal, will be it being with the magnificent Rolls Royce RB211 turbines.

    IMHO, the B.O.A.C. LIvery [Lovery, DELIBERATE TYPO] is the Best Branding of Any Airline Carrier EVER.
    It was so Regal and Incorporated the “SPEEDBIRD” icon. with the Best Callsign ever also.

    Cheers & Good Luck. @SanGrownUn1

  6. +1 to all the more recent comments. I would have applied (and lost) though couldn’t get the time off work. It’s a money-can’t-buy experience, that most of us corporate-wage slaves will never get close to.

    Hope whoever gets to go has a great time.

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