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If you’re going to get sandwiched into a metal tube for 10+ hours, you want wifi and all the jet lag fighting technology you can find. Norwegian may not offer the most refined economy experience in the sky, but they’ve got wifi, nice planes and great entertainment screens. And now, they have €340 round trip deals to fun in the sun a.k.a Singapore or Bangkok.

a red and white airplaneThe Deals

Norwegian is fending off low fares from mainstream competition like Swiss, Lufthansa, British Airways and the abundant flock of new Chinese carriers. They’ve slashed prices from the UK and Europe to just €340 from many cities, and if low cost isn’t your thing – the major carriers are hovering at prices just above. Singapore is an incredible place to visit, with easy access to nearby Bali, Thailand, Vietnam and more.

a city with many buildings and a city skylineThe Dates

These deals are available in April and May, and then again in August, September and October. Not every single date will be available, but if you use these handy Google Flights tips – you can find them with ease. We’ve also made easy to use links for you below…

a plane flying over snowy mountainsHow To Book

There are some cases where Norwegian may have a lower fare deal, but it might make sense to pay up just a bit more for a legacy airline experience, with meals, bag and more room. Either way, you’ll score fantastic round trip prices, like: €335 Oslo to Bangkok€340 London to Singapore, €345 Stockholm to Bangkok, €400 Paris (Swiss) to Singapore. Enjoy either, they’re great!

Are you going to Asia on one of these amazing deals?

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