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Swiss has an excellent business class on the Boeing 777.
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Swiss Airlines offers an extremely refined business class experience, and for a limited time – it’s being offered at a reasonable price. The airline is attempting to win new fans across the UK and Europe slashing prices on it’s flat beds in the sky to just £947 and up. Here’s how to get in on the action…

a large building with a pool of water with Taj Mahal in the backgroundThe Deals

Swiss are attacking airline competition in the UK and France with business class fares deeply below the others. Swiss are offering their very best deals on flights to India, Dubai and Oman. Fares start at just £1030 from London, Paris, Oslo and Budapest. The best deals include…

£947 London to Tel Aviv

£1030 Budapest to Dubai

£1142 Paris to Muscat

£1189 London To Delhi

£1180 Nice to Dubai

£1393 Paris to Beijing 

a bed in a planeThe Dates

These deals are available virtually all year long, though not every single date will be available. Luckily, Swiss has an easy to use calendar for these deals – highlighting when you can travel. Once you’ve got your flights, be sure to select the amazing throne seats above.

a large building with towers and a garden of flowers with Rashtrapati Bhavan in the backgroundBooking

Swiss has these deals hidden in plain sight on their website. For UK deals, follow this link and then scroll down to “More Offers”. Click “More Offers” and then “Business Class Specials”. You’ll find all the best deals from London in one place. For France, Hungary or Norway, simply change the country in the top right of the website and then repeat the steps above. Just scroll down to “More Offers”, click and follow the deals to business class.

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  1. looks like the traffic going to BOM from LHR is so high that everyone is price fixing this route (swiss has no low fares to BOM) except AI

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